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Epicat Max

Achieve superior gains that stay with you using Epicat Max!

Benefits of Epicat Max:
Inhibition of Myostatin
Increased strength and endurance
Increase in muscle growth

The primary ingredient in Epicat Max is Epicatechin.  Epicatechin has a wide variety of benefits not only for athletic performance but also for overall health.  It is a strong antioxidant found primarily in cocoa and tea and is one reason for the popularity of dark chocolate.  It also functions as a Myostatin inhibitor and this is where it shines in the realm of fitness and bodybuilding.  Suppression of Myostatin in the body results in vast increases in muscle mass and this comes without the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids and prohormones.  Epicatechin also protects against the loss of muscle and so users can experience longer lasting effects of the increased gains.

Epicat Max also contains green tea extract and piperine, an alkaloid derived from black pepper.  These two compounds increase the bioavailability of the Epicatechin so that it can be better utilized by the body.  Also included in this new formula is cyclic dextrin – a rapidly absorbing carbohydrate compound that can aid in endurance.  Research suggests that carbohydrates can also enhance the availability of Epicatechin.

The final of the main ingredients here is arimistane.  Arimistane is one of the most popular aromatase inhibitors found in the industry.  Aromatase is an enzyme that plays the leading role in estrogen production.  Arimistane inhibits this enzyme to prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen.  It also aids in decreasing cortisol levels.

Epicat Max is all natural and non-toxic so it does not require a PCT or cycle support! Try this incredible formula to gain lean muscle and maintain it for even longer!



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  • 4

    Posted by Nathan on Feb 25th 2016

    Epicat is a great product all on its own. Put in the work and have a set diet and it will work wonders.

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    Great product, great company

    Posted by Ed on Jan 7th 2016

    With proper diet and training, Just after one cycle which lasted for about a month; I felt strength gains fo up, saw more muscle density, and vascularity on my body; and the best part is that it is not harmful to your body what so ever; great product hands down

  • 5
    Does everything it says and more

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 30th 2015

    I've been using this product for a week and a half with super laxo and I've noticed strength in all of my lifts along with size

  • 4
    It's definitely worth giving a try.

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 23rd 2015

    If you can afford it, try it. It is quite costly to run it as long as you should to get the best results. That's the only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars. But my strength definitely went up. I'm stacking with Laxo. But none the less it's a good product. If you can get over the cost obviously.

  • 4
    A little to early for 5 stars.

    Posted by Jason Kegel on Dec 17th 2015

    It's only been a week but I've definitely seen strength gains. I'm putting up 20 more pounds than usual. For it only being about exactly 7 days. I'd say that's pretty good. No other natural suppliment can do that for you.

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