Erupt Strength / Anabolic Pre Workout

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Energy, Strength and Endurance. 

That’s what you’ll find in Primeval Labs newest line of Pre-Workouts.  With three different formulas you can develop your ideal mix to hit new heights in whatever type of training you invest in.


ERUPT – Give yourself an anabolic boost with the strength and power of Erupt’s muscle building formula.  Achieve your goals faster than ever with increased protein synthesis and healthy mitochondrial energy.


Erupt utilizes Creatine– a well-known muscle building supplement in the fitness industry.  Creatine enhances your strength, especially for quick, explosive lifts.  Creatine also increases aerobic capacity and speeds muscle recovery.  Creatine comes in many forms – it’s the Creatine HCL that you’ll find in the Erupt formula which has the best absorption rate compared to other forms of creatine.


Erupts also contains Betaine Anhydrous. This compound has proven itself in research to increase muscle mass while at the same time reducing bodyfat.  Along with that is ElevATP – a patent-pending formula that stimulates the production of ATP to provide energy to the mitochondria of the cells, only further expanding your workout endurance.


Add Erupt to our other pre-workouts, Adrenal Rush and Engorge, to achieve optimal results and surpass your goals faster than ever!

Directions: Mix one scoop with 8 oz of cold water.  Consume 20-30 minutes before exercise.  Do not take within 4 hours prior to bedtime.  Do not take any other products that contain caffeine or any other stimulants while taking Erupt.



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  • 5

    Posted by DUSTIN on Apr 19th 2017

    This product helps me outlast and perform better

  • 5

    Posted by Rich Idstein on Feb 24th 2017

    I have been following primeval labs for awhile and finally purchased Erupt and was not disappointed ! It was awesome the taste was unbelievable the power I felt through out my workout lasted through out ! I Con't wait to try other products !

  • 5

    Posted by Adam Ruddell on Nov 7th 2016

    I have onky taken this product twice so far. So to farely rate this supplement right now really doesnt make since. But heres what i do know, the cherry limeade is outstanding the mixability is wonderful and i am very comfident that i will be seeing excellent results. Primeval Labs had me sold with Mega Test. Im looking forward to using their line of supplements in the future. You guys have me as a solid customer!

  • 5
    Gets the job done

    Posted by Jeff Ivy on Aug 16th 2016

    No stim, so it's doesn't get you all shaky and won't upset your stomach. It will give you want you need to get through your workout when you are cutting

  • 5
    Shines above the rest

    Posted by Derek on Aug 15th 2016

    I've taken many many many many pre-workouts before. I have finally found a "go-to". It works and is very tasty I might add.

  • 5
    This stuff works

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 4th 2016

    I saw this product in one of Jerry's videos about stacking pre workout supps. I've been on a vasky-ruckus stack for a few weeks now and have seen good results but found out that non stims work better for me. Erupt got me through some intense chest routines and it helped me push out more reps than Before. Jerry's no-bullshit reviews drew me in and I'm sold.

    P.S. I wasnt expecting a shaker bottle to come with my order and it was an awesome surprise!

  • 5
    No more sets rep to Failure

    Posted by Verkelli on Feb 12th 2016

    I didnt try this product until, I saw Jery Ward youtube on it. He is pretty on point on all his reviews straight to the point no bullshit!!! The kicker is i was able to do 15 reps instead of my standard 12 on the decline bench press. Preacher curls first ever 100 reps 30pd curl bar also was able to do the same will wide grip pull ups as well 100 reps I stack this with engorge as well my new prework out.

  • 4
    Worked great for me

    Posted by Joey on Jan 8th 2016

    I love this product, it worked great for me and I feel stronger and it helps keep me going in the gym, love it

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