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Adrenal Rush V2 the Elite in Pre Workouts!

When it’s time to turn up the intensity and get amped up for a workout, you turn to a pre workout. Sure, you could choose any old pre workout off the shelf, but most of the time, those are nothing more than overpriced caffeine powders.

No, when you’re ready to unleash absolute mayhem on the weights, you need a true performance enhancing pre workout. One that delivers everything you need to dominate -- energy, focus, endurance, and PUMPS!

Adrenal Rush delivers cutting edge results that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s precisely engineered formula increases neurological function, power output, stamina, and nitric oxide production yielding superior focus, energy, and performance for even the most daunting workouts.

The surge of adrenaline unleashes your inner beast to perform better, crush your fears, and break records each and every workout. You’ve asked for the best, and you’ve got it in Adrenal Rush V2!


Why Choose Adrenal Rush V2

The answer is rather simple, Adrenal Rush provides everything you need for an intense workout. That means you get unyielding energy and focus to power you through even the most daunting exercises.

Plus, Adrenal Rush contains only research-backed ingredients in their clinically studied doses for maximal effectiveness with no crash or jitters like other pre workouts on the market. Most importantly, Adrenal Rush is 100% transparent, meaning there’s absolutely NO Proprietary Blends or pixie-dusting here!

You want the best, you’ve got it in Adrenal Rush V2!

Benefits of Adrenal Rush V2

Long-lasting energy

Laser focus

Powerful muscle pumps

Improved hydration

Increased performance

Superior Nitric Oxide production

Increased fat burning

Supports muscle growth 

Increased cardiovascular output

Easier breathing during intense exercise

Adrenal Rush V2 Ingredients

Beta Alanine (3g): 

Beta Alanine is a proven endurance boosting supplement useful for ALL athletes (boxers, sprinters, rowers, and weightlifters), not just gym rats.[1,2,3] It’s been proven time and again to enhance strength, stamina, and most notably, endurance. 

Beta Alanine increases concentrations of a powerful intracellular buffer called carnosine.[4] As an intracellular buffer, carnosine helps remove (“buffer”) accumulation of hydrogen (H+) ions which decrease the pH in muscle tissue creating an acidic environment. This leads to the development of the quintessential “burning” sensation that sets in during prolonged exercise and ultimately forces you to stop prematurely.

Supplementing with Beta Alanine enhances carnosine’s buffering capacity translating to better endurance and superior athletic performance.

Agmatine Sulfate (1.5g): 

Providing the pump portion of Adrenal Rush V2 is a monstrous 1.5g dose of Agmatine, the ultimate nitric oxide extender. Agmatine increases N.O. levels by inhibiting arginase, an enzyme that degrades Arginine.[5] Stunting the actions arginase, means that plasma arginine levels stay higher, which translates to better nitric oxide production. The end result is powerful muscle pumps, greater vascularity, and enhanced performance.

Adrenal Rush V2 provides plenty of pumps on its own, but if you’re really looking to up your muscle pumps to skin-tearing level, add in a scoop of Engorge along with your helping of Adrenal Rush V2 for the ultimate pre workout combo!

Taurine (1g): 

Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid that performs a number of functions in the body. First and foremost, taurine acts as an osmolyte is skeletal muscle tissue which helps pull extra water and nutrients to regulate hydration and mineral levels.[6] This translates to superior muscle strength and force production during intense training. Also, due to the increased water content, taurine also supports muscle size -- helping you look bigger and more filled out in all the right places. 

One other area where taurine is found in great supply is the brain. As such, taurine also enhances focus and concentration during workouts so you won’t have any wandering eyes about the cute girls on the treadmill midway through a max effort deadlift.[7]

Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg): 

Pure, unadulterated energy -- that’s precisely what caffeine anhydrous is. This is what gives the rush to Adrenal Rush V2. 

Each serving provides 250mg of pure caffeine anhydrous that delivers instant energy, focus, and motivation with no crash or jitters like you get from other over-caffeinated pre workouts on the market.

Caffeine also serves to bolster and enhance the effects of many of the other stimulants contained in Adrenal Rush V2 for an ultimately superior energy and focus driven workout.

Vitamin C (250mg)

: Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin that also acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body defending against oxidative stress brought on by intense training. Clinical trials have also shown it may actually improve performance.[8] 

It turns out Vitamin C also supports greater nitric oxide production as it preserves Nitric Oxide Synthase enzyme (eNOS) activity.[9] This serves to further enhance N.O. levels in the body for greater performance and pumps.

L-Norvaline (200mg)

: Derived from the BCAA L-Valine, L-Norvaline supports cardiovascular function and blood flow throughout the body. It should come as no surprise then that it also aids nitric oxide production.

Similar to Agmatine, Norvaline primarily increases nitric oxide levels through arginase inhibition.[10] This makes Norvaline an indirect nitric oxide booster by way of preserving arginine levels which is then converted to nitric oxide.

N-Methyltyramine HCl (50mg): 

N-Methyltyramine (NMT) is an incredibly powerful beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonists.[11]  As a beta-2 agonist, NMT kickstarts the “fight or flight” response in the body that creates a cascading catecholamine release (including adrenaline!) that significantly increases energy and also gathers fatty acids to be used as a fuel source for an extra bit of “fat burning” during your workouts.

NMT also has been known to increase cGMP (an important component of nitric oxide production) and cAMP. When cAMP is increased, large amounts of epinephrine and glucagon are naturally released giving a tremendous energy burst!

Advantra Z® (50mg): 

Advantra Z® is a trademarked and patented extract of Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange) standardized to 30% Synephrine. It was born out of necessity when ephedra was banned for use in sports supplements. More importantly, Advantra Z® has numerous studies documenting its safety and efficacy, the same can’t be said for ephedra.

When looking to increase energy, fat burning and performance, it really doesn’t get better than Advantra Z®. It’s been proven to significantly increase energy production and fat oxidation, while also blunting fatigue and decreasing the rate of perceived exertion![12,13,14] 

If you needed even more reason to embrace this wonder supplement, Advantra Z also curbs hunger pangs and stimulates lipolysis -- enabling the body to basically “burn fat” for fuel throughout the day, thus sparing your glycogen stores for when they’re really needed, like during squats!

Hordenine (50mg): 

Another alkaloid found in Citrus Aurantium is Hordenine. Similar to Advantra Z (synephrine) Hordenine functions as a beta-2 adrenergic to ramp up fat burning, but more importantly, hordenine also acts as a bronchodilator (relaxing bronchial passages) and vasodilator (increases blood vessel diameter.[15] The end result is significantly easier / better breathing and blood flow during intense exercise, helping improve overall athletic performance.

Lastly, Hordenine also acts a noradrenaline reuptake modulator, which serves to extend noradrenaline activity in the body yielding even greater alertness, energy and focus during training.[16,17]

Higenamine (25mg): 

Higenamine (Norcoclaurine) has a long been used in various ancient medicine as an anti-asthmatic. Higenamine is yet another beta receptor agonist included in Adrenal Rush V2.[18] Similar to the others, it functions as a bronchodilator and lipolytic agent, but also ramps up noradrenaline (norepinephrine) production, stimulating the “fight or flight” response and significantly increasing energy and alertness.

You want a rush in your pre workout, Adrenal Rush delivers like no other!


Mix one scoop with 8 oz of cold water.  Consume 20-30 minutes before exercise.  
Do not consume Adrenal Rush within 4 hours prior to bedtime.  
Do not take any other products that contain caffeine or any other stimulants while taking Adrenal Rush.

Up the Ante

Adrenal Rush V2 contains everything you need to dominate your workout, but if you’re looking to really up the ante, combine it with Engorge for vein-splitting muscle pumps or Erupt for groundbreaking strength.

Feel the Rush!

Now is the time to crank up the intensity of your training and to do that, you need a real pre workout, not another cheap cocktail of stimulants. Adrenal Rush V2 is a true pre workout powerhouse that delivers everything you need, when you need it.


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  • 5
    Great Pre!!

    Posted by Brandon on Jun 9th 2016

    Ive been using tha product for a few months now on days i need a kick in the butt. And it works great! My girlfriend uses it too because it gets her going and doesnt have creatine which upsets her stomach. Get you some Adrenal Rush!!

  • 4
    Definitely worthy of 4/5 stars but....

    Posted by Jake on Apr 22nd 2016

    This is a great pre and it definitely allows for great workouts and a pretty sweet pump. However, I personally experience a very bad "crash" with this stuff. This happened on 3 seperate occasions all about a week apart. I only used it once per day each week and experienced the same outcome. I believe it to be one of the ingredients that doesn't react with my chemistry very well because my brother took it and did not experience the same effect. My advice would be to start taking this product on a day where you won't have to be up early the next morning just to be safe. If you aren't like me and don't experience the same crash then this pre is definitely worth the price. Great focus and above average pump. Would rate 4 stars if I didn't experience the crash whilst using this.

  • 5
    Awesome flavor and energy

    Posted by Jared on Apr 4th 2016

    This stuff really gets me going for my workouts. I have tried many pre workouts before like Noxplode, C4, and others, but this stuff blows those out of the water.I purchased the Cherry Limeade flavor. Tastes just like Cherry Limeade from Sonic! I will be purchasing some more of this. Keep up the good work Primeval Labs!

  • 5
    Only Pre that actually works for me

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 2nd 2016

    I have an extremely high tolerance to pre. like REALLY high. But not only did this product excel with the prescribed one scoop, it continues to work after using it every single workout for a month +! This shit is banging and you need to try it. The pump is insane! Love the feeling of my skin crawling and fire burning within me!

  • 4
    Smooth Energy

    Posted by John on Mar 24th 2016

    Gives me a nice energy boost without the cracked out feeling. Nice profile of ingredients and I always appreciate label transparency. My only complaint is the flavor... It is overwhelming. Maybe grape was just a bad choice on my part. I'll just try a different flavor next time.

  • 5
    Awesome pump

    Posted by Val Sylva on Mar 24th 2016

    I've been taking Adrenal Rush for almost two months now and it's worked great every time. Primeval products do what the claim and then some. I let my brother try it too and he loves it.

  • 5
    I was skeptical.....

    Posted by Daniel Wilson III on Mar 24th 2016

    I usually don't buy preworkouts that I've never tried. The price was too good to pass up, so I got a grape rush. This delivers on all fronts. Great focus, energy , and lasting gym power. Taste decent, too. I just really wish it has creatine in it, but I knew that it didn't before I bought it, so I still gave it 5 stars!

  • 5
    Great preworkout!!

    Posted by Alyssa m on Mar 11th 2016

    This preworkout has great flavor and gets and keeps me jazzed without feeling jittery.

  • 5
    Incredible deal

    Posted by Casey E. Atkinson on Mar 10th 2016

    You defiantly get your money worth with this product. Good energy and a pretty good pump too. Flavor and taste are good too. I really want to try this product when I get back my caffeine sensitivity. As a pre-work out it does the job and then some. Certainly better than other pre-workouts that I've taken in the past. Right now, this company gets 5 stars. They're on their way. Making phenomenal products and having excellent service and promotion deals.

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