5 Supplements You Want in Your Pre & Intra Workout Stack

We all want to make gains.

Gains is size.

Gains in strength.

Gains in weight loss.

Exercise is a cornerstone in achieving each of those results. And, when paired with the right diet and adequate sleep, you have satisfied all the minimum requirements to obtain the results you desire.

But, who wants to live a life where you’re only getting minimum results?

Here are five supplements you want in your pre workout and intra workout supplements to help you train harder, perform better, and make more gains!

Top 5 Pre Workout & Intra Workout Supplements

#1 L-Citrulline

Citrulline is an amino acid that promotes an increase in arginine plasma levels.

The reason this is important is that arginine is the amino acid the body uses to produce nitric oxide. Greater nitric oxide production helps increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to your working muscles. 

You might be asking yourself “why not supplement with arginine then?”

Well, arginine has low bioavailability and can lead to GI distress when taken in high amounts (like the kind of dose needed to raise plasma arginine levels).

Citrulline has been shown to be more effective at raising plasma arginine levels, and it’s well-tolerated.

Furthermore, citrulline also is known to help reduce fatigue via its role in helping buffer ammonia (a metabolite generated from muscle contractions). This allows you to train harder for longer, all the while getting a savage muscle pump.

#2 Betaine 

Betaine is another well-studied ergogenic that offers a number of alluring benefits.

For starters, it increases cellular swelling and hydration as a result of its osmolytic properties, which may help delay the onset of fatigue and protect against the dehydrating effects of intense exercise. Increased cellular swelling and volumization also helps generate a bigger muscle pump, too!

Betaine also assists in the methylation of homocysteine, converting it into methionine -- one of the amino acids used to synthesize creatine. A number of studies have also shown that betaine supplementation can increase strength and lean mass.

#3 VasoDrive-AP

Blood is the life-force of the body. It supplies the oxygen and nutrients your mind and muscles need to perform at a high level as well as support the recovery and growth processes.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme is an enzyme that causes vasoconstriction, which can reduce blood flow.

VasoDrive-AP is a novel ingredient composed of two tripeptides derived from casein in Valyl-Prolyl-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucyl-Prolyl-Proline(IPP), which has been noted to inhibit ACE.

By inhibiting ACE, VasoDrive-AP supports optimal blood flow, healthy blood pressure, and arterial elasticity, which supports greater athletic performance and sustained muscle pumps!

#4 elevATP

ATP is the molecule that fuels all cellular processes in the body -- including muscle contractions.

The inability to rapidly generate ATP is a primary contributing factor to drop offs in performance, especially as you get deeper and deeper into your workout.

elevATP is a next-gen performance enhancing ingredient containing a combination of ancient peat and apple extracts noted in research to improve ATP production and release in the body!

Additional studies also indicate that elevATP supplementation may increase 1-rep maximum squat and deadlift as well as vertical jump peak power and velocity.

#5 Taurine

Taurine is another non-protein-forming amino acid like citrulline. 

While it may not be important for protein synthesis, that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its own benefits.

In fact, quite the opposite.

Taurine, like betaine, encourages muscle cells to draw in extra water, which increases cell volumization (helping muscle pumps) and hydration. This can help sustain performance, especially during prolonged training sessions or competitions.


Typical pre workout supplements are little more than a massive dose of stimulants and a pixie-dusting of other performance support ingredients (beta alanine, creatine, etc.). The end result is feeling over-stimulated, uncomfortable, and jittery for a time and then facing the inevitable crash as the stimulants wear off.

Pre workouts and intra workout supplements are there to help you perform and recover better, not undermine your focus, progress or recovery.

The solution is to use a pre workout supplement formulated for athletes, such as Mega Pre White, which provides jitter-free energy along with quality doses of research-backed ergogenics like elevATP, betaine, and Citrulline. 

You’ll then want to follow up your pre workout with a serving of Intracell during training, which contains valuable performance support ingredients, including VasoDrive-AP and Taurine, to sustain your muscles through the end of your workout.

The 5 ingredients outlined above (and contained in Mega Pre and Intracell) not only support athletic performance (helping you make more gains), but they also support recovery and growth. 

Primeval Labs formulated Mega Pre and Intracell to complement each other and work together to power you through every workout no matter how intense and help you achieve your goals.