How to Stay Motivated -- Transformation Challenge Edition


You’ve decided to embark on a quest to challenge your mind and transform your physique!

Over the next 8 weeks, you’ll be pushed to the brink, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

And, while motivation may start off high (which is to be expected anytime you start a new venture), there will be bumps, bruises, and periods of low motivation along the way.

To help you stay on track and focused for these next 8 weeks of the Primeval Labs Transformation Challenge, we’ve come up with 8 tips for how to stay motivated.

Let’s get started!

8 Ways for How to Stay Motivated

Envision Success

Visualization is key to achieving your goals, no matter how big or small they may be. What this means is that if you can’t envision yourself accomplishing a feat, it’s highly unlikely that you will.

After all, there’s a reason the saying “the body follows where the mind goes.”

For example, let’s say that your goal over the next 8 weeks is to lose 12 pounds of body fat. 

Now, if you try to think of losing all 12 pounds at once, it can seem daunting and may lead you to feel unmotivated.

But, if you break that 12 pounds up into eight one-week goals, that means you only need to focus on losing about 1.5 pounds per week. This is an entirely reasonable and readily accomplishable amount of weight to lose in a week.

So, as you start off this challenge, visualize yourself succeeding. Imagine your clothes fitting better, your muscles look more defined, and yourself feeling more confident.

Reward Yourself

Who doesn’t like a reward for a job well done?

We ALL do!

Knowing that there’s a “pot of gold” at the end of the journey can do wonders to help you stay motivated during your transformation challenge.

And, there doesn’t just have to be one reward at the end.

As you accomplish your own personal mini-milestones over the next eight weeks, reward yourself accordingly.

For instance, if you’ve reached half of your weight loss goal after four weeks, perhaps getting yourself some new workout apparel, or treat yourself to an indulgence you normally wouldn’t -- going to the movies, taking a weekend getaway trip, etc.

Even if your goals may not seem that impressive to others around you, who cares? You’re the one embarking on this journey, and you have earned the right to celebrate what you want, when you want, and how you want.

As you earn these rewards, you will gain more motivation to keep striving for the new milestones that lay ahead on the road to accomplishing your ultimate goal.

Write Down Your Goals

In addition to visualizing your goals, it also helps to write them down.

The act of physically writing down your goals will help reinforce what you are trying to accomplish over these next eight week. After you’ve written them down, place your goals in a place where you will see them each day, hopefully, multiple times daily.

When you see your goals, take a minute to review what you’ve written down and seen how you’re coming along. These daily “check-ins” will help remind you of what you are striving to complete and it will also help spur you to stay motivated to accomplish it.

Get Support

Even the strongest wills encounter stumbling blocks from time to time, which can derail motivation and hinder our path to progress. In times where we aren’t able to muster up the energy or motivation to get going, having a solid support group can do wonders to reinstill motivation, focus, and commitment.

Support can come from family, friends, training partners, or even an online community, such as our very own Primeval Alliance.

Tell those in your support group about your goals as well as how you’re progressing towards them. Also, make sure to inquire how they are coming along with their own journey and what struggles they may be dealing with.

By building each other up, we create a more stable foundation from which we can all launch to success!

Make a Plan and WORK It!

The old saying goes that “failure to plan is planning to fail” and nowhere is this truer than when it comes to accomplishing our fitness goals.

Now, you’ve taken the first step in signing up for the transformation challenge, but how are you going to get from week 1, day 1 to week 8, day  7?

You need to make a plan and then follow it!

By this, we mean that you need lay on a structure for how you will go about completing your goals.

As part of this, you should be figuring out how many calories you need to eat, planning your meals, organizing your workouts, and tracking changes in body composition.

Along the way, you will likely need to adapt your training and nutrition to stay on track, and the only way you can know where to make changes, is by knowing what you’ve done up to this point.

Having a solid plan helps guide you along your path to success. Follow the plan, adapt when needed, and you will realize greater success at the end.

Get Enough Sleep EVERY Night

This may seem like a strange tip for how to say motivated, but sleep is absolutely imperative to your ability to succeed in this transformation challenge.

Beyond its role in recovery, repair, and growth, sleep also has a profound impact on your energy levels and motivation during the day.

Just think back to the last sleep-deprived night you had.

How active were you the following day?

Did you really feel like working out, or did you even work out at all?

Getting enough sleep recharges our bodies’ energy stores and helps avoid the brain fog, lethargy, irritability and fatigue that accompanies sleep deprivation. Plus, getting enough sleep also supports healthy glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and hunger hormone levels -- each of which plays a tremendous role in your ability to successfully complete the transformation challenge.

Relish the Small Victories Along the Way

Modern technology allows us to track just about anything and everything we do, be it steps taken, calories burned, or hours slept. And, while the ability to track and monitor all of our daily happenings is great, quite often, we’re so focused on tracking, logging, and recording, that we never take time to savor the moments and recognize our accomplishments.

You see, when we get mired down in the minutiae of daily life, we never stop to “smell” the proverbial roses, and by not taking the time to reflect, we may not realize just how far we’ve come or exactly how much we’ve accomplished in short amount of time.

Failing to do this can lead us to feel that we’re always behind the 8-ball and never making any real progress.

Yet, if we’d just stop and assess our situation, we’d realize that we’ve come quite a ways.

What this means, is that at the end of each week of the transformation challenge, take 10-15 minutes to sit back, analyze your accomplishments for the week, and enjoy the success you’ve realized.

You can then use this feeling of reward as motivation to launch you into the next week of the challenge!

Prize Money

Prize money is a fantastic motivator. 

Time and time again, we’ve all witnessed that when there is a cash prize on the line, an individual’s dedication and desire to complete their goal is significantly amplified/

Primeval Labs gives away $5,000 in cash prizes to the winner of its Transformation Challenge.

If nothing else helps keep you motivated to push through these next eight week, then perhaps a big fat payday will!