Friday Night Pumps -- 7/6/18

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another edition of Friday Night Pumps here at Primeval Labs.


If you’ve been following over the weeks, you’ve no doubt noticed all the different variations, training tips, and routines we’ve devised to help you generate a massive muscle pump and looks all kinds of swole for your big night out.


Well, we’ve got another new twist for this week’s pump boosting workout, and it’s ideal for those who don’t have time to stop by the gym between work and going out, who can’t afford a gym membership, or those who just enjoy training at home with minimal equipment.


This workout is also fast paced and will ensure a savage pump even if you’ve only got 20-30 minutes to spend training before you set the night on fire.


Basically, this Friday Night Pump workout eliminates any excuse you have for not being able to get a sick ass muscle pump before heading out for the night.


So, with all that said, let’s not waste anymore time and get to the workout!




Friday Night Pump Workout


Perform the following exercises in a circuit, moving from one exercise to the next with as little rest between each exercise as possible. Perform as many rounds of the circuit as possible in 30 minutes and witness first hand the power of density training!


  • Band face pull - 15 reps

  • Decline push up - 10 reps

  • Neutral grip pull up - 5 reps

  • Dip - 10 reps (half of your max total)

  • Inverted Row - 10 reps


That’s it!


No fancy gizmos, gadgets, rep schemes, or exercises.


Set your timer, start training, and don’t stop until you reach the 30 minute mark.


Write down how many circuits you complete, and the next time you need to get in a quick workout or want a sick upper body pump, use this workout and try to beat your previous score. This will ensure you build muscle, burn fat, make gains, and get an even better pump than you did the previous time.


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More on Density Training


As you probably noticed, this week’s Friday Night Pumps workout is pretty bare compared to some of our previous workouts.


Don’t worry, we didn’t make a mistake.


You see, it’s popular, especially in the age of social media and everyone trying to sell their way as the “right” way, to overly complicate building muscle, losing fat, and getting results.


The truth is that just about anything can work for building muscle mass, in terms of sets, reps, and long as you’re willing to put in the work and make your muscles do more than they previously have.


And that’s where the beauty of density training lies.


It doesn’t care about sets, reps, or any of that. It cares about the total volume of work you perform each time you train.


If you’re still confused about density training, here’s a simple definition:


Density training is performing a circuit alternating between several exercises performed at a submaximal number of repetitions for a prescribed amount of time.


Now, at first, you might question how performing a submaximal number of reps might be good for building muscle when so often we’re told that we must train to failure (or very close to it) in order to see results.


Again, this is the beauty of density training.


We’re not concerned about obliterating a muscle in a given set, or even with a single exercise, like many of the popular bodybuilding programs.


We’re more concerned with getting in as many quality reps as possible in the given timeframe.


If you go right out of the gate and shoot your load, maxing out on every exercise the first go round, you’re going to gas out and not be able to go strong for the entire duration of the block.


If, however, you wisely do as we suggest and perform a submaximal number of reps, you’ll be able to perform at a high level throughout the entire training block, better manage fatigue, and work continuously.


All of this translates to a higher overall workload, which is what’s needed to elicit hypertrophy and get a savage pump. You’ll also get a significant boost to your metabolism, which may help prevent any unwanted fat gain that could occur as a result of your night out with the crew.


Can Weights be Used?


Of course!


The above density workout could easily be accomplished swapping out any of your favorite exercises for the same movement patterns listed above.


The important thing is the antagonist relationship between the exercises. Essentially, when setting up a density circuit, you want to pair exercises that use non-competing muscle groups (chest & back, quads & hamstrings, biceps & triceps, etc.).


The reason you do this, is that while you’re working one side, the other side “turns off” and get a break. This also you to rotate back and forth between the two exercises with very little rest while at the same time allowing you to accomplish a high volume of work -- again, exactly what’s needed to build muscle and get a pump!


So, let’s say you do have time to drive to the gym, or have a fully decked out home set up and want to change up the exercises above to include a mix of bodyweight and dumbbell/barbell exercises.


How would that look?


A little something like this:


  • Band face pull - 15 reps

  • Dumbbell Bench Press* - 5 reps

  • Incline Dumbbell Row* - 5 reps

  • Dips - 10 reps (half of your max total)

  • Neutral grip pull ups - 5 reps (half of your max total reps)


*On the dumbbell exercises, select a weight you can normally lift for 10 reps in a row within a single set. Going any heavier, or performing any more reps during a given circuit, would ultimately lower the amount of work you would accomplish in the timeframe, which defeats the purpose of cramming in as much work as possible in the 30 minute time frame.


There you have it!


A quick, down and dirty course in density training and why it’s an awesome way to get in a quick muscle-building, pump enhancing workout any day or night!


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