Intracell 7 – For Longer and Harder Gym Workouts

Intracell 7 – For Longer and Harder Gym Workouts



The cornerstone of a premium intra workout supplement is its ability to boost your energy, performance and endurance during your gym sessions. That requires the supplement to be able to navigate through your system, deliver nutrients to essential areas of your body, and refuel your battered muscles with protein energy to lift beyond your imagination – And it must do all of that in a snap.

That’s where Primeval Labs Jerry Ward’s BIOS 3 Intracell 7 excels.

Within minutes of consumption you’ll notice an increase in muscle pump, a decrease in thirst, a sharp reduction in fatigue, and a strive to push forward through your workout like you’ve never felt before. No matter your experience at the gym, this world-class solution will deliver results that are immediate, perpetual and at dosage cost that’s less than comparable intra work-out supplements.

This is one of Jerry Ward’s most innovative brainchild’s to date.

Advantages and Effectiveness

Learn how this intra-workout solution will help you push your body longer and harder in the gym.

Instant Power

When you’re lifting heavy weights, you’re burning oxygen and energy at accelerated rates. Without an intra-workout supplement that’s capable of replenishing your energy quickly, you’re losing out on crucial extra reps that will pump your muscles to the max.

Jerry Ward’s BIOS 3 Intracell 7 is the only supplement in the market capable of quickly digesting into your body and converting all those nutrients into vital energy that’s critical for prolonged workout sessions.

This product works great with Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush V2 pre-workout supplement for maximum energy and stamina.

Curbs Thirst and Lowers Fatigue

Constantly gulping down water and eventually feeling heavy? Not anymore. This solution will keep you hydrated like nothing else. Even further, it hydrates your muscle cells directly, resulting in significantly low feelings of thirst, thereby increasing your focus on the workout itself.

Immediate And Immense Muscle Regeneration

A natural process of heavy lifting is the tear and destruction of your muscle fibers. However, soon your muscles naturally fill those tears with newer, stronger fibers. But BIOS 3 Intracell 7 improves that muscle regeneration process by speeding it up. It does so with a careful ratio of essential nutrients that not only grow your muscles faster, but larger and stronger.

Perpetuating Pumps Throughout The Day

Normally during your workout, your muscles expand from the intensity of the load they bear. Unfortunately that essential pump which improves the look of your body soon fades away within a few minutes after you step out of the gym

With Jerry Ward’s BIOS 3 Intracell 7, not only will you feel pumps more intense than anything you’ve ever felt, but they will perpetuate and stay pumped throughout the day – Even several hours after your workout has concluded.


What’s In The Box?

After you’re done appreciating that pun from the movie ‘Se7en’, here are the 7 essentials of this product.


Amount Per Serving

Carb (Highly branched cyclic dextrin)


L Taurine


Glycerol Monostearate


L- Leucine









Seven powerful nutrients for a powerful workout regime. Let’s dive into the details of how each of these nutrients will help you gain insane muscle growth and keep you pumped for hours post-workout.


  1. 1.     Highly branched cyclic dextrin

Otherwise known simply as Dextrose, glucose, or blood sugar, is a highly modified form of blood sugar that’s designed to instantly get absorbed into your system and fuel you with essential energy whilst keeping you hydrated. But what sets this form of blood sugar apart is its appropriate stimulation of your insulin levels.

Whenever you put nutrients in your body, insulin is released which helps shove essential nutrients in the right places of your muscles. But too much insulin will make you feel burnt out, sleepy and fatigued sooner. The BIOS 3 Intracell 7 helps keep your insulin levels to a minimum without reducing its effectiveness to digest into your body; ensuring that you’re packed with energy at all times during workout.

  1. 2.     L Taurine

An organic acid that’s rich with benefits for the heart and blood. This is one of the core nutrients in this formula for its incredible hydrating and endurance-granting properties. It helps keep your mind on the workout by removing the feeling of thirst; allowing you to focus longer and harder on your performance.


  1. 3.     Glycerol Monostearate

You know the reason why this solution gets absorbed so quickly into your blood stream? Glycerol Monostearate. It’s a nutrient that directly hydrates your muscle cells, but also has tremendous power to soak up other nutrients and deliver them straight into your torn muscles. Furthermore, it’s able to maintain hydration in your muscles which is the sole reason you’re able to survive longer and harder in your workout sessions.

  1. 4.     L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine

The reason why these 3 nutrients have been listed in on go is simple. These 3 make up the Branched Chain Amino Acids that are responsible for effective muscle-protein synthesis.

In simpler words, these acids are at the forefront of building back your muscles after they tear down during your excessive workout sessions.  But it’s not their mere presence in this formula that’s essential, it’s the order of their dosage.

With a 2g, 1g and 1g dose for Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine respectively, we have the most effective and most research-backed ratio of branched chain amino acid that not only maximizes the speed at with your muscles grow back, but they grow larger and stronger.

  1. 5.     Nitrosygine

Rounding out the chain of nutrients is Nitrosygine, and with good reason. This ingredient is what pumps your muscles faster and harder than you’ve ever witnessed. But even better, it maintains those pumps post-workout for several hours during the day.

All these nutrients combine to produce a shake that, with each gulp, takes you to the heights of endurance and intensity that you never thought possible for yourself.