L-Norvaline Explained




There are several reasons for taking a pre-workout supplement before training. Athletes want more energy to start training, focus during training, and to push ourselves to finish strong. Another major reason lifters choose a pre-workout is that they want to achieve awesome pumps! That skin-tight feeling and noticeable increase in muscle size we see over the course of our training is one way to tell the workout was a solid one. Obviously the pump we achieve today is what we hope to be new size later on.

If pumps are a priority to you then you should get to know about an ingredient that needs to be in your pre-workout of choice. That ingredient is L-Norvaline and once you reap the benefits it offers, you’ll likely never go without it again.


What Is It?

L-Norvaline (formula CH3(CH2)2CH(NH2)CO2H) is a white, water-soluble amino acid that derives from the amino acid valine which is one of the three branched chain amino acids. Valine supports blood flow and cardiovascular function. Since pumps are a priority, this is important and this is why norvaline can be such a positive influence on your training and long-term goals.



What Does It Do?

L-Norvaline supports the body’s arginine concentrations. The ultimate purpose for norvaline is to assist in the regulation of both nitric oxide (NO) and blood flow. NO is a natural molecule that increases vasodilation. What does this mean for you as the lifter? This means your blood vessels will dilate and your blood pressure will reduce. This process is known as vasodilation. With norvaline, vasodilation will be greater which translates into bigger pumps that will last long after your workout is over. This greater amount of nutrient rich blood flowing to the muscles for longer periods can also positively affect your recovery which means you’ll see better results in the long-term.

Norvaline extends nitric oxide boosting effects by stunting arginase activity. Arginase is an enzyme that removes arginine and converts it into urea. Arginase can also restrict or regulate the production of nitric oxide. Norvaline stunting arginase means it helps promote unrestricted nitric oxide levels. According to a study from the Department of Medical Physiology and Microcirculation at Texas A&M University, norvaline increases NO production by 55%!


More Good News

All of the above is great but it gets even better. Strength training and exercise in general can lead to inflammation – especially for beginners who are new to lifting. Aside from its work against arginase activity, norvaline is shown to have its own anti-inflammatory properties. So while it’s working to increase NO production, it also can help reduce soreness without compromising the recovery. Norvaline doesn’t participate in the actual process of rebuilding muscle tissue but its benefits can play a positive role for anyone looking to gain size.


Weight Room to the Bedroom

Norvaline can also provide benefits to men outside of the gym. Thanks to the greater NO production and vasodilation effects, norvaline can also assistance to those with erectile dysfunction (ED). Norvaline has been proven to help improve in testosterone, testicular protein levels, and serum nitrates.




How Much To Take

Norvaline can be found in foods like meats, grains, nuts, legumes, and dairy but the amounts are small at best. Therefore it is most popular taken in supplemental form. As of this writing there is no standard recommended dosage to take but many experts believe that it can be effective when taken 30-45 minutes before training in 100-300 mg amounts.


Stacking Norvaline

Norvaline and citrulline can make for a great NO tag team. Since L-citrulline is already so well known for its role in boosting NO levels. Norvaline can serve as a great “enforcer” to make sure that citrulline can do its job even better since norvaline makes sure that arginase levels are in check.

While norvaline hasn’t been shown to not work with other ingredients it wouldn’t be a good idea to take in high amounts of caffeine with it. Caffeine is actually a vasoconstrictor which obviously means it does the exact opposite function of norvaline. If pump is a priority, then avoid taking caffeine or take a minimum dose if you feel you must have it.


Try It for Yourself

By now you’re likely wanting to know where you can get L-Norvaline so you can start reaping all these benefits. Fortunately, it’s one of the ingredients you can find in Primeval Labs’ intense pre-workout formula, Mega-Pre. Mega-Pre provides you with 300mg of L-Norvaline with every serving that works synergistically as one of eight ingredients combined to help you achieve greater pumps and help both your mind and muscles benefit both in the short and long term. You can order Mega-Pre in Smash Berry or Pineapple Mango flavors here on Primevallabs.com!



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