Laxogenin How Does it Work

  Athletes are always looking for the next great supplement that will enhance their performance and set them up for success on the field of competition. Chances are, you’ve been “on” all the basics (creatine, beta alanine, betaine, etc.) for some time, as are all of your competitors, and now you’re hunting for the next “it” ingredient to keep a leg up on the competition.


Well, we’ve got just the thing you’re looking for in Laxogenin. It’s a robust, plant-based compound that promises incredible size and strength gains with none of the pitfalls that potentially lie with other more aggressive supplements like prohormones or anabolic steroids.


Not familiar with laxogenin, or ever even heard of it?


No problem, as we’ve got all the info you need to better understand what this powerful plant steroid can do for you!



What Is Laxogenin?


Laxogenin (5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin) is a naturally occurring steroidal sapogenin, extracted from Smilax Sieboldii, a plant related to asparagus. Laxogenin is a member of a group of plant-based steroids, known as brassinosteroids, which are readily found in small quantities  in the pollen, seeds, and leaves of a number of plants and foods. The compound is similar in structure to ecdysterone, another widely used plant-derived anabolic agent.


Laxogenin was first explored as a possible muscle-building supplement when researchers noted its growth-promoting properties in plants. This led researchers to dig a little deeper into the inner workings of laxogenin and what they discovered was quite astonishing -- laxogenin possesses a similar anabolic/androgenic ratio to Anavar, one of the powerful steroids of all time! Unlike anavar and other steroids, which are synthetic derivatives of testosterone and often come with nasty side effects, laxogenin is all natural and non-hormonal, meaning you’re not at risk for liver failure as you are with prescription grade steroids.

How Does it Work?


While you might be tempted to think that laxogenin exhibits the exact same benefits and works via the same mechanisms as Anavar (due to their similar anabolic:androgenic ratios), in reality the two work very differently.


First, it’s important to remember that laxogenin is a naturally-occurring, plant-based compound, not some synthetic franken-steroid cooked up in a lab. Second, while some research has been conducted on laxogenin, researchers have yet to come to a general consensus on what the exact mechanism of action is for laxogenin’s growth-promoting properties. However, research has shown that laxogenin can significantly enhance protein synthesis (as much as 200%!) as well as reduce protein breakdown.[1,2,3]


Taking a look at anavar (a.k.a. oxandrolone), research notes that it lowers Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) hormones, promoting nitrogen retention, which yields increased free testosterone.[6,7,8] The result of both of these actions is significantly greater muscle growth (anabolism). Furthermore, anavar has also been noted to stimulate lipolysis, the body’s natural fat burning mechanism, and increase thyroid hormone T3 utilization. And it also reduces thyroid-binding globulin, which promotes optimal thyroid function, and increases red blood cell count, leading to significantly better endurance and muscular energy.


Suffice it to say that while the two do possess one similarity, they operate via very different means and give slightly different benefits. However, where laxogenin stands heads above anavar is that it doesn’t put your vital organs at risk and won’t affect your hormones levels either, making it a superior choice for all natural athletes!

Benefits of Laxogenin


Now the part you’ve really been waiting for…what kind of measurable benefits will you get from using laxogenin?


The patent application for laxogenin has listed quite a few remarkable benefits[4,5], including:


  • Enhance lean mass

  • Adaptogenic properties

  • Enhanced recovery

  • Analgesic (relieves pain)

  • Supports optimal cholesterol levels (reduces LDL “bad” cholesterol)

  • Increases strength

  • Regulate cortisol levels

  • Alleviate stress

  • Regulate blood sugar

  • Improve body composition

  • Enhance thyroid function

  • Limit protein breakdown (i.e. catabolism)

  • Fights inflammation






While there hasn’t been a conclusive dose established for laxogenin by researchers, anecdotal reports point to needing 100-200mg per day to really see noticeable size, strength, and recovery gains from it. For this reason, Primeval Labs has included an impressive 125mg per capsule of pure 100% laxogenin in Primavar, the highest dose of any laxogenin supplement on the market!


Various anecdotal reports from laxogenin users over the years have reported experiencing slight headaches when taking doses larger than 150mg at a time. If you do experience a slight headache when taking the full serving (i.e. two capsules), simply split the doses up into an AM/PM dosing protocol, where you consume one capsule in the morning (or pre workout) and the second capsule in the evening with dinner.


Primavar allows you to experience the true power of laxogenin at its full, legit dose and at an extremely affordable price. Other laxogenin supplements are plagued by low doses or outrageous price tags, not so with Primavar. Each serving delivers a robust 125mg, totaling 250mg per day!


Any Need to Cycle?


Even though laxogenin is non-hormonal, and we still suggest that you sure cycle off Primavar after a maximum of 8 weeks of use. After taking a 4 week break from Primavar, you can then resume your use of it for greater plant-fueled gains!

No PCT Required!!!


Laxogenin is non-hormonal and does NOT require PCT.


Safe for Women, Too!


Since laxogenin is a non-hormonal muscle builder, that also means that it should be safe for the female lifters out there wanting to add some muscle but not go down the hormonal supplements route.

Laxogenin Stacking


Laxogenin is a great muscle-building compound all on its own, but one of the very special attributes of the ingredient is that it can be stacked with basically any other supplement you could be using, including:


  • Creatine

  • Beta Alanine

  • Betaine

  • Prohormones

  • PCTs (like Sanctuary)

  • Natural Testosterone Boosters

  • Fat burners (such as Hurakan or Pyretic)

  • Other natural muscle builders




For athletes looking to forego the hormonal supplements route and maintain their natty status, laxogenin is a prime choice to bust plateaus and keep the gains rolling. It brings everything an athlete could want -- size, strength, recovery, performance, etc.


Laxogenin represents the next frontier in effective, high quality muscle building supplements. When you’re ready to see what laxogenin can do for you, there’s only one option to choose -- Primeval Labs Primavar!





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