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Building muscle and strength as quickly as possible, ultimately boils down to three things:


  • Train hard.

  • Eat right.

  • Recover adequately.


If you do these three things day in and day out, you will make gains, there’s no disputing that. But, there’s a limit to how hard you can train and how fast your body can recover at any given time.


It’s said that “The body will go where the mind tells it” and that’s true...but only to a certain point.


Once you’ve exceeded your the body’s natural ability to recover, additional training just begets more muscle breakdown and increases the likelihood of injury, no matter how strong your motivation or determination is. Everyone has a limit to their recovery ability, which means the amount of training you can do is limited, and ultimately so are your gains.


But what if there was a way you could recover faster, train harder, and build more muscle?


You’re probably thinking that we’re talking about some kind of fancy, designer steroid, and you’d be right, we are talking about a steroid. No, not the illegal, injectable, franken-pharma kind of steroid you see Ivan Drago using in Rocky IV. We’re talking about all-natural, plant-based, muscle-building compounds called brassinosteroids.


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Build Muscle the Natural Way


Brassinosteroids are a collection of naturally-occurring plant sterols and steroid hormones first discovered over 40 years ago. Researchers have identified the plant steroids regulate a wide range of activity in plants including[1]:


  • cell elongation (i.e. growth)

  • cell division

  • root growth

  • stomatal and vascular differentiation

  • photo-morphogenesis

  • seed germination

  • immune function

  • reproduction

  • governing a plant’s stress response (heat, cold, disease, etc.)


Due to the fact that these plant steroids had such powerful growth-inducing qualities, researchers began to wonder if these could be equally effective in mammals -- and in fact they are!


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How Can Plants Build Muscle?


As it turns out, brassinosteroids stimulate muscle protein synthesis (via Akt phosphorylation), and they also prevent muscle protein breakdown (catabolism). In fact, they even have been shown to enhance strength output!.[2]


At this point, you’re thinking this is simply too good to be true. Surely a plant steroid has to come with some kind of horrendous adverse side effect, similar to their synthetic injectable counterparts.


And that’s where the real beauty of these plant derived muscle building compounds is -- they increase anabolic activity in the body without affecting androgenic activity.


In other words, you get the muscle building benefits without any adverse effects to your endocrine system. The same can’t be said of other muscle-building compounds.


How can this be?


Quite simply, plant-based muscle builders don’t bind to your androgen receptors like synthetic anabolics to, and won’t affect hormone levels and do not pose a risk of toxicity.[2] That also means there’s no risk of permanent shutdown from plant-derived muscle builders, the same of which can’t be said for illegal steroids.


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The Key to Muscle Growth


Muscle growth ultimately boils down to one key factor:


Muscle protein synthesis > muscle protein breakdown


It really is that simple. To build muscle and increase strength, your body has to build more protein than it breakdown. Yes, there are a lot of little, very complicated physiological processes that must take place during the muscle building process, but at its core, in order for you to build slabs of lean muscle, your body has to build more muscle than it destroys. This creates a surplus, i.e. gains.


As it turns out, one of those plant steroids you were reading about above has been shown to significantly ratchet up protein synthesis so much, it’s comparable to that of anabolic steroids!


What could this be?




What is Laxogenin?


Laxogenin (5-alpha hydroxy laxogenin or 5α-Hydroxy Laxogenin) is a spirostanic analogue of brassinosteroid, documented in research trials to possess an anabolic/androgenic ratio similar to one of the most effective anabolic substances of all time, anavar (a.k.a. oxandrolone). However, laxogenin does NOT come with the side effects of liver toxicity or likelihood of testing positive for steroids that come with anavar and its ilk.


Laxogenin is naturally occurring in Smilax Sieboldii, a climbing shrub found predominantly in East Asia, and North and South America.[3] The leaves of the plant are a staple of Traditional Chinese medicine, used frequently to treat arthritis, lumbago, and even tumors.[4,5]


Smilax Sieboldii is also consumed as a food in the diet, but the real reason we’re interested in this plant isn’t for its stomach-nourishing qualities, but because of the natural steroidal sapogenin residing deep within it -- laxogenin.[6]


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Benefits of Laxogenin


According to a Russian research, Laxogenin accelerates weight gain by augmenting protein synthesis in the body.[7] In fact, data suggests 5α-Hydroxy Laxogenin increases protein synthesis by over 200%, which leads to greater lean muscle growth, increased strength, and accelerated repair from intense exercise.


Additional research has highlighted yet another muscle-building benefit of laxogenin -- cortisol regulation.


Cortisol is a major stress hormone in the body that is incredibly catabolic. In other words, cortisol breaks down muscle tissue. The ability of laxogenin to balance your body’s cortisol response has tremendous implications for improving recovery and decreasing muscle wasting.


So, not only does laxogenin offer the prospect of helping you build more muscle, it may also help stop muscle breakdown, thereby providing a two-pronged approach to greater lean mass gains!


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Results from Using Laxogenin Supplements


Increased protein synthesis is just one of the many potential benefits that comes when using a high quality, all natural laxogenin supplement. There’s also a slew of other potential gains to be got from laxogenin supplementation including:


  • Greater lean mass

  • Improved stress response

  • Increased strength

  • Enhanced recovery

  • Decreased muscle soreness

  • Pain relief

  • Improved cholesterol levels

  • Enhanced body composition

  • Optimized thyroid function

  • Reduced protein breakdown (i.e. catabolism)

  • Decreased inflammation


Essentially, laxogenin can help you get bigger, leaner, stronger, and faster while also supporting recovery and combatting inflammation.


Laxogenin Side Effects


Perhaps the best thing about laxogenin is that it is all natural and non-hormonal, meaning it comes with very little, if any, risk of adverse side effects whatsoever. The same can’t be said for other synthetic muscle building supplements, such as designer steroids.


Laxogenin Reviews


Does Laxogenin seem a little too good to be true?


Then, see what actual paying customers have had to say from their experiences using this all-natural muscle building supplement:


“I can say without a doubt that this stuff works amazingly well. It isn't a magic pill, but it is really, really close to being one. My life currently is incredibly stressful, and I get at most 6 hours of sleep a night. I have been stalling on everything for months, up until I started taking Primavar. I have noticed in the past two weeks that my lifts have gone up in both reps and weight by a noticeable amount. It's almost like I'm going through my noob gains phase again. I cannot express how much I love this stuff. I will definitely be using this from now on in my stack.” -- Steve


“I'm 51yrs old. I have been lifting for many years. I just love to feel strength gains creeping up from a product. Primavar for me has snuck up on me giving me positive strength gains. I know when a product is working for me. I've been around the block long enough to know if the product is working.. Primavar I so far love it. It's been increasing my strength gradually and giving that anabolic feeling of fullness in my muscles. I love that feeling. I get that aggression feeling. I can turn on or off when I want. When I hit the steel I turn it on like I'm going to get this next set heavier this time.” -- Jef20071


“If you are looking for something being not aggressive and that gives you an extra in your body's recomposition, this is the choice. Solid gains in muscle (about 3/4 kg) and stamina. You will recover fast. Good price and highly recommended for beginners. But remember ANY supplement make miracles. Diet, rest and train, train and train again” -- Toni


Build More Muscle Naturally with Laxogenin


If you’re tired of seeing lackluster gains from your training program or sick of the horrendous DOMS that hang around for days after a grueling leg day, you owe it to yourself to try laxogenin and witness the incredibly gains and superior recovery first hand.


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