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Primavar/Super Rhanderol Stack


***Super Rhanderol is discontinued. Limited stock remains***


Benefits of Super Rhanderol:


-          Build lean muscle

-          Accelerate fat loss

-          Improved endurance and recovery

-          Improved brain function

-          Natural Anabolic 

-          Safe for Men and Women

-          Non Hormonal

-          Highly Potent Natural Anabolic

-          No PCT Required



Primavar Benefits




-         Enhances lean mass gains


-         Increases power & Strength


-         Supports joint health


-         Accelerates recovery


-         Reduces inflammation


-         Blunts fatigue


-         Boosts endurance & stamina


-         Decreases cortisol levels


-         Alleviates stress


-         Regulates blood sugar


-         Optimizes thyroid function


-         NO PCT Required!



Dosing Schedule:


2 Primavar Capsules once or twice daily(do not exceed 4 caps per day)

2-4 Super Rhanderol Capsules twice daily(do not exceed 8 capsules per day)


Split doses evenly throughout the day into two evenly divided doses. (i.e. one dose am one dose PM)


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