Primeval Labs Isolit Live Taste Review

If you want to know how Primeval Labs ISOLIT tastes, and what makes it an exceptional whey protein powder, you want to read this article.


Protein powder is quite frequently the very first supplement a fitness enthusiast will purchase, and more often than not, the protein of choice is whey protein.


Fast digesting, high in protein, delicious, and affordable, whey protein has been a mainstay of the fitness industry for a long time, and there’s no shortage of options from which to choose. Chances are you’ve been through more than few tubs of protein in your day, and have identified a few of your favorite whey proteins.


But, none of them have been done by Primeval Labs….


Until now that is.


Primeval Labs ISOLIT fuses top notch quality whey protein isolate with the best protein flavoring in the game for a whey protein powder that is unmatched. Delicious is an understatement when you describe the flavor of ISOLIT.


Let’s get into the breakdown of what makes ISOLIT the best whey protein isolate.


ISOLIT Highlights


-- Five delicious flavors

-- 25 grams of high quality, rapid digesting whey protein isolate

-- low in lactose, carbohydrates, and milk fat

-- mixes easily into water, milk, and oatmeal

-- perfect for post workout, breakfast, or as a snack between meals

-- added digestive enzyme blend for enhanced nutrient breakdown and absorption


ISOLIT Ingredients

Whey Protein Isolate


Every scoop of Primeval Labs ISOLIT delivers 25 grams of pure whey protein isolate -- the premier form of whey protein when looking to maximize quality, purity, and protein.


What makes whey protein isolate the preferred form of whey protein is that for a whey protein to be classified as an isolate, it MUST contain a minimum of 90% protein by weight.[1,2] That also means that there is little room to waste on extraneous carbohydrates, lactose, and fat.


Compare that to whey protein concentrate, which isn’t standardized to a certain protein content, and you can begin to see why whey protein isolate is superior. In fact, whey protein concentrates can range anywhere from 35-80% protein by weight depending on what grade or quality a manufacturer wants to use.[1]


What about hydrolyzed whey protein?


This is completely natural to ask.


For years, supplement companies, athletes, and coaches have lauded the benefits of hydrolyzed whey for its rapid digestion compared to other forms of way. The reason for this praise is due to the fact that hydrolyzed whey is partially digested either by the application of acids or a set of chemical enzymes that hydrolyze or break down the peptide bonds linking the protein molecules together in whey protein. By pre digesting the whey, your body is able to more quickly process it and absorb it.


In theory, this sounds fantastic -- consume an ultra-fast digesting protein immediately post workout, so as to accelerate nutrient delivery to muscles after exercise.


Unfortunately, the research really isn’t there to show that whey protein hydrolysate is any more effective (or faster digesting) than whey protein isolate when it comes to building muscle and strength or improving recovery.[3,4]


Additionally, when whey protein is treated with such harsh refining methods, it loses many of the active bio fractions naturally occurring in whey, meaning that whey hydrolysate doesn’t convey the same health and immune system support that whey protein can provide.


Furthermore, due to the increased processing that whey hydrolysate has to undergo, it is incredibly expensive, and to top it off, comes with a distinct chemically, “off” taste.


For these reasons, ISOLIT uses on cold-pressed, cross-flow microfiltration to refine its whey protein. This method uses a low temperature micro filtration process that yields a product with very high protein content (>90%), extremely low levels of fat, lactose, and carbohydrates, and no undenatured proteins.


As an added bonus, due to the low temperature environment used in cross-flow microfiltration, the whey protein isolate is able to retain a high level of the important whey subfractions, including ß-lactoglobulin, α-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, and others.


Additionally, cross-flow microfiltration uses no harsh chemicals, employing a series of high-tech ceramic filters to refine the protein. Other isolates may use ion exchange which requires the use of chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid, which destroy most of the beneficial whey subfractions.  This also means that cross-flow micro filtered whey proteins retain higher amounts of calcium and maintain lower levels of sodium than their ion exchange counterparts, too.


When you take it all together, there really is only when choice when you’re looking to maximize protein content, quality, and purity -- cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate.


Primeval Labs ISOLIT uses 100% cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate to deliver a superior product to you.


And, it comes if FIVE delicious flavors, too!


DigeSEB Plus

On its own, whey protein isolate is fairly easy to digest and quickly taken up by the body, but we wanted to further improve the bioavailability and absorption of it. That's why we added a full complement of digestive enzymes, headlined by HemiSEB®.


HEMISEB is a proprietary complex of enzymes formulated to improved digestibility, reduce bloating, and enhance the overall nutrition of ISOLIT. HemiSEB contains a unique combination of cellulose, xylanase B, glucosidase, pectinase, and phytase to improve nutrient utilization by the body.



ISOLIT Flavors at a Glance

Coco Mint Chip


We’ve all had those delicious candies consisting of a mint-green layer sandwiched between two chocolate-brown layers before. It’s a classic after dinner treat when you need just a little something extra to finish off the meal.


ISOLIT Coco Mint Chip perfectly weaves together the delicate flavors of mint and chocolate, creating a flavor that is rich, refreshing, and obscenely indulgent.


Diner Vanilla


Anyone who’s ever tried vanilla protein powder knows just how difficult it is to get that quintessential vanilla flavor correct. It’s either too sweet, not sweet enough, or artificial tasting.


That’s not this vanilla.


Diner Vanilla harkens back to the true-blue vanilla taste of those classic diner milkshakes. Rich, creamy, and just sweet enough, Diner Vanilla will make you feel like you’re indulging in excess, but without the egregious amounts of fat and sugar.


Orange Creamsicle


Creamy with a smooth, orange finish, ISOLIT Orange Creamsicle rings true to those popsicles you had as a kid. What else can be said about this iconic childhood treat other than you know, you love it, and ISOLIT delivers a true sense of this staple dessert.


Chocolate Milk


We all know too well the rich, chocolatey flavor of a good chocolate milk. This isn’t your standard thin tasting chocolate protein you’ve suffered from over the years. ISOLIT chocolate milk delivers the rich, creamy, lip-smacking goodness of the childhood favorite.


Serve it cold, or mix it into hot liquid for a protein-packed hot chocolate. You can even mix it into coffee for a protein mocha!

Caramel Latte


Speaking of coffee…


If you’re a fan of those fancy, gourmet, $5 coffees you get on the way to work, Caramel Latte is for you. Sweet, creamy, and indulgent, ISOLIT Caramel Latte perfectly replicates those overpriced coffee shop caramel macchiatos without the heaping spoonfuls of sugar or excessive amounts of caffeine.


ISOLIT Flavor Review

ISOLIT -- The Best Tasting Whey Protein Powder


Primeval Labs ISOLIT is unmatched in quality, flavor, texture, mixability, or macronutrient profile. Countless hours were invested to perfect each and every aspect of ISOLIT to deliver a superior tasting product that also supports your performance and physique goals.


After just one taste, you’ll swear this is too delicious to be good for your diet!





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