Savage Workout of the Week -- Leg Day!

Thinking of skipping leg day or tired of your current leg workout routine? Give this Savage Leg Workout a try!


Lifters have a love-hate relationship with leg day. They love it because, generally speaking, if you have big legs, you have an impressive upper body. And, when leg day is over, that means the next workout is typically chest or arms!


Lifters hate leg day, well, because it’s leg day, and training legs is hard...really, really hard.


The legs contain some of the biggest, most powerful muscle groups of the body, often requiring an immense amount of physical energy to train properly. Leg training also requires an even greater amount of mental fortitude and determination to willingly subject yourself to the torture that is leg training.


Simply put, leg training is essential to your development as an athlete from a strength, power, performance, and aesthetics point of view. You don’t want to be the person at the gym who has an Adonis-esque upper body with the lower body of a flamingo. Trust us, even the best pair of shorts, pants, or leggings won’t help.


And that brings us to this week’s Savage Workout of the Week, LEGS.


Give this workout a shot if you’re tired of your current routine, unhappy with the results from your current leg training, or never trained legs seriously in your life.


Fair warning, if you give this workout everything you’ve got, you will be sore...for days.


Let’s get to it!




Savage Workout of the Week -- Legs

Leg Workout





Leg curls



90 sec




120 sec

Reverse-to-Front Dumbbell Lunges*



60 sec/side

Romanian Deadlift



90 sec

Leg Press Calf Raises



60 sec

*Note: Reverse-to-Front Lunges are an awesome exercise for improving hip strength and stability, as well as the muscles of the quadriceps and hamstrings. They essentially involve performing a reverse lunge then stepping immediately through into a front lunge.


To perform Reverse-to-Front Lunges, a.k.a. Step-Through Lunges:


  • Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand with your feet hip-width apart. (The starting weight is most likely less than what you would use for a standard reverse lunge, forward lunge, or walking lunge.)

  • Perform a reverse lunge by stepping back with your right leg, dropping into a 90-90 position.

  • As you step forward with your right leg, instead of returning to the usual starting position, continue driving it forward directly into a front lunge without letting your foot contact the ground.

  • After completing the front lunge, push back to the starting position and go immediately into your next repetition.

  • Continue performing this back-to-front seesaw lunge until all reps are completed on one side before resting for 60 seconds and performing the exercise with the other leg.



Why Perform Leg Curls Before Squats?

This is a training technique popularized by John “Mountain Dog” Meadows, and has come to be a favorite of lifters, athletes, and bodybuilders, both amateur and professional. Putting leg curls first in the workout serves a few purposes:


  • First, placing leg curls first in the workout allows you to train your hamstrings with greater energy and intensity than if you trained them the way you typically do -- with a few frivolous sets at the end of your workout after you’ve already done squats, leg presses, and leg extensions. By placing them first, you can really load up the movement and achieve a substantial amount of overload on them, which helps spark growth.

  • Second, performing leg curls first helps squats to feel more “better” when they are performed. Many lifters complain of feeling “off” or “unstable” when leading off their workout with squats. Pumping the hamstrings full of blood with leg curls helps to provide a sturdier, more stable position in the bottom position of the squat. And it also may help loosen up tight hips, too.

  • Third, most people aren’t ready to jump under a heavy bar right off the bat. Leading off the workout with a less demanding exercise helps prepare you from a physical and mental standpoint, so that when it is time get to the really heavy lifting your muscles, joints, and connective tissue are primed for action and your CNS is ready for the intensive work.

  • Fourth, most lifters are quad dominant. Shifting leg curls to the front of your workout allows you to focus on your hamstrings and help correct any imbalances you may have.


Additionally, when performing leg curls, make every rep count. Do not let gravity do the work on the way day. When you perform each repetition of the leg curl, pause at the top and squeeze your hamstring as hard as you can for a solid count of one, then lower the weight slowly under control, resisting gravity.


The same holds true for romanian deadlifts. Hinge at the hips and lower the weight slowly over a count of 2-3 seconds before powerfully contracting the muscles of the posterior chain and exploding to the top.


You’ll find that you most likely need to reduce the weight since you’re not winging the weight up and letting it fall down every rep, but that means you’re getting a more effective workout, which translates to bigger, better gains.

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