If you want to know how to stack supplements together to create the ultimate pre workout stack, you want to read this article. 

Pre workouts are awesome. There’s a reason they’re some of the most popular bodybuilding and performance-enhancing supplements -- they flat out work. Aside from the obvious boost in energy they provide, pre workouts also:


  • Enhance performance

  • Increase stamina

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Heighten mood

  • Bolster focus

  • Improve blood flow and nutrient delivery

  • Generate skin-tearing pumps


There’s a plethora of other benefits from pre workouts, but you get the gist -- they can and do enhance performance and results, bringing you bigger and better gains!


While a properly formulated pre workout is effective on its own, there are times when the addition of a complimentary pre workout in conjunction with your preferred pre workout can really ratchet up performance and results.


Of course, we’re talking about stacking pre workouts.


Everyone loves tinkering and toying with various combinations of different stim-based and non-stim based pre workouts to try and come up with the ultimate pre workout stack that seamlessly blends energy, performance, focus, and pumps. But, deciding how to stack pre workouts isn’t always the easiest task.


Given the scores of pre workouts out there, and the difficulty in deciding which one of those to use on a given day becomes infinitely more difficult when trying to figure out how to stack two or more pre workouts together for your own perfect pre workout stack.


To help you navigate the pitfalls that go with pre workout stacking, here’s a few helpful tips to help you create the perfect pre workout combo.




How to Stack Pre Workouts


Design Around Style of Training


The goal of using a pre workout is to enhance your performance while training. In line with that, designing the perfect pre workout stack begins with your particular style of training. The pre workout needs for an ultra-marathoner are vastly different from the sprinter or bodybuilder. As such, each style of training will benefit from the addition of certain ingredients more than others.


For instance, beta alanine is well-known endurance boosting ingredient that really shines when muscles are constantly in use, subjected to very high times under tension. Endurance athletes, such as joggers and cyclists, stand to benefit much more from beta alanine than say the 100m sprinter who is finished a run in 10-12 seconds.


Choose the right tool to fit the job, and you’ll be well on your way to building the ultimate pre workout stack!


Don’t Stack Multiple Stim Products

Although there are hundreds (and more likely thousands) of pre workouts on the market, each slightly different than the next, they can generally be classified into one of two groups:


  • Stimulant-based pre workouts, or

  • Stimulant-free pre workouts (non-stim)


Stimulant-based pre workouts include the any of the following stimulants, or some combination thereof:


  • Caffeine

  • Synephrine

  • Hordenine

  • Higenamine

  • Eria Jarensis

  • Yohimbine

  • Rauwolfia (alpha-yohimbine)

  • Citrus Aurantium (a.k.a. Bitter orange)

  • Phenylethylamine (PEA)

Stimulants provide the “get up and GO!” sensation that you know and love about pre workouts, but aside from increased energy, stimulants also heighten awareness and focus, plus they can also improve performance, including endurance, power, and strength.[1,2,3]


As great as stimulants are, there does come a point where more is not necessarily better, and in fact can hinder performance.[4,5] Plus, there could be potential negative interactions between the stimulants in two different products when combined, leading to some rather unpleasant side effects.


For these reasons, it is never recommended to stack two stimulant-based pre workouts together. If stacking any two products together, make sure that if one includes stimulants, the other is stimulant-free!


Find Synergism


The whole purpose of stacking two different pre workouts together is to amplify and enhance the effects of each individual pre workout so that the sum of the two is greater than either one on its own. With that in mind, it helps to have a little bit of supplement know-how and understand which ingredients compliment each other when stacked together.


A great example of this is L-Citrulline and Agmatine.


L-Citrulline is an amino acid that plays a role in nitric oxide production via increasing serum level of arginine, the amino acid the body uses to fuel nitric oxide production. With increased nitric oxide production comes better blood flow, nutrient delivery, and oxygen transport to your muscles, improving performance, reducing fatigue, and generating some massive muscle pumps.


That is until a little enzyme called arginase comes around. Arginase is the enzyme that destroys and degrades arginine in the body, which reduces nitric oxide production, limiting performance and pumps. But, when adding in agmatine along with l-citrulline allows for sustained nitric oxide production due to agmatine acting as an arginase inhibitor, which is a fancy way of saying agmatine stops arginase from killing your pumps.[6]


Other powerful combinations of ingredients includes:


  • L-Citrulline + L-Norvaline

  • Choline Bitartrate + Huperzine A

  • Betaine + Creatine

  • Citrulline + VASO6

  • Caffeine + just about anything (caffeine potentiates, “enhances”, the effects of multiple compounds)

  • GlycerPump + Taurine + Water (hydration-enhancing compounds)


There’s multiple combinations of ingredients that can boost your performance and gains during and after training, but these are just a few of the ones you’re likely to encounter on a regular basis.


If you don’t really feel like digging deep into the pharmacokinetics of individual supplements and just want to know which two products to stack together for superior performance, Primeval Labs has taken care of all the heavy lifting and created the Unstoppable Pre Workout Stack.

The Unstoppable Pre Workout Stack


For the ultimate 1-2 pre workout punch that delivers everything you need for unyielding energy, focus, endurance, and pumps, Primeval Labs has combined Ape Shit and Vasogorge into one comprehensive pre workout stack that makes you unstoppable in the gym.


Ape Shit

Providing the energy, motivation, and aggression you need to get in the gym and wreak seven kinds of hell on the weights is Ape Shit. Using a trifecta of slow and fast-acting caffeine sources, Ape Shit delivers immediate and sustained energy to keep you going no matter how long you’re slinging the weights around.


But Ape Shit isn’t just about energy, it also delivers performance, pumps, and focus with a robust 4.5g of pure L-Citrulline along with endurance-boosting beta alanine and focus-fueling nootropics, including choline bitartrate, CDP-Choline and Huperzine A.


Ape Shit is certainly a formidable pre workout on its own, but when stacked with Vasogorge, you’ve got the makings of a supreme performance and pump-enhancing pre workout stack.

Vasogorge Black

Vasogorge Black contains a synergistic matrix of supplements to to promote vasodilation, enhance nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscles, and improve muscle cell hydration and volumization. Included in Vasogorge Black is the next generation nitric oxide stimulator, VASO6, alongside 300mg of arginase-inhbiting L-Norvaline.

There’s also GlycerPump, a new high-yield form of glycerol powder than improves cell hydration and promotes some pretty sweet “water-based” pumps as well.

 The Ape Shit + Vasogorge pre workout stack is no joke. If you want intense energy, tunnel vision focus, endurance for days, and pumps that will make your sleeves burst at the seams, then all you need is to try the Unstoppable Pre Workout Stack for yourself and witness the results first hand!




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