The Best Pre Workout Supplements




The alarm clock buzzes. It’s 5 AM.


The weather outside is cold, rainy, and altogether unwelcoming, and guess’s leg day.


You really don’t feel like getting out of bed, let alone getting doing countless sets of squats with 300 pounds on your back, but you get up anyway, because well, going back to sleep isn’t an option for you.


You’re focused on building muscle, increasing strength, and making those epic gains you’ve wanted for so long. So, you mix up your pre workout and head to the gym, comforted by the fact that you’ve recently purchased the best pre workout from your local supplement shop.


And who can blame you?


The right pre workout can make the difference between an “OK” workout and an exceptional one, where you make it rain PRs.


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Walking into the gym, the pre workout rush starts to hit and you feel like Captain America and the Incredible Hulk combined, ready to tackle mighty Thanos and save the universe.


Yes, the surge of energy and motivation infused by a pre workout is simply awesome, but there’s a problem -- once that initial spark of energy passes you feel completely and utterly zapped. While you may have started you workout guns ablazing, 2 exercises in you’re ready to take a nap.


What gives?


Why is this supposed “best pre workout” not doing a damn bit of good?


The truth is that it is exceedingly difficult, nigh impossible, to find the best pre workout on the market. Hell, it’s hard to even find a halfway decent pre workout most of the time.




Why is it so hard to find a good pre workout?


Given the droves of supplement companies in existence, why aren’t all pre workouts the best pre workout possible?!

Here’s the ugly truth about pre workouts:


99% of pre workouts on the market are utter garbage.


You read that right, virtually all of the pre workouts you’ll encounter on the shelf or online are a complete waste of your hard earned dollars.


Why is this?


Well, the truth is, most pre workouts are complete crap for a number of reasons, but most revolve around economics. Reasons most pre workouts aren’t the best include:


  • Supplement companies are glorified marketing firms that don’t really invest time into formulating quality products. They simply make a really nice label and then pump thousands and thousands of dollars into ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Supplement companies include ineffective ingredients such as L-Arginine or L-Glutamine

  • Pre workouts will include massive proprietary blend full of underdosed ingredients, all in an effort to deceive you and save the company a few bucks

  • Including low-quality ingredients along with unnecessary additives and fillers

Each of these involves a company robbing you of the best pre workout possible all for the sake of increasing their profit margin.


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The sad truth is that today’s “best pre workout” is nothing more than highly flavored, and overpriced caffeine with a few other marketing bells and whistles to dress it up and make it seem more appealing and effective that it really is.


Don’t get us wrong, caffeine is an incredibly beneficial performance-enhancing compound, extensively documented to boost energy, focus, stamina, and power[1,2,3], but is that tub of pre workout really doing anything more than a cup of coffee you could brew at your house?


No, not in the least.


So, how do you know if you’ve chosen one of the best pre workout supplements or one of the countless crappy ones?


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Tips for Finding the Best Pre Workout


Avoid Pre Workouts Using Only Massive Prop Blends


For starters, look for pre workouts that disclose the ingredient doses that go into their products. If the supplement you’re considering for purchase lists the doses of the ingredients in the product, you’ve taken your first step towards buying the best pre workout possible.


Look at Ingredient Dosing


Next, look at the exact doses of the ingredients included in the product. If a company has properly dosed the ingredients listed on the Supplement Facts panel, you can check another box on the best pre workout checklist.


Acute Performance Enhancers


Third, does the pre workout actually contain ingredients the enhance your performance for what you’re about to do, or is it just a cocktail of stimulants and some beta alanine? If it’s the latter, you’ve got a certifiable dud on your hands. But, if the pre workout you’re reviewing contains proper doses of proven ergogenics like L-Citrulline, Betaine, caffeine, and GlycerPump, you know you’re on the right track to finding the best pre workout.


Avoid Banned Substances


If a pre workout is billing itself as “extreme”, and utilizing banned substances such as DMAA or something far more hazardous like SARMS, avoid them at all cost. No pre workout, no matter how “extreme” it may be is worth risking your health.


The truth is, the best pre workouts don’t use banned substances, only the pretenders do.


Skip the BCAA, Invest in Essential Amino Acids if anything


Fourth, is there a massive dose of BCAA included in the pre workout accompanied by outrageous claims of muscle growth, power, and strength? If so, leave that tub right where it is.


There’s a severe lack of research that consuming BCAA prior to training significantly enhances performance or muscle growth. Plus, if you’re consuming a well rounded diet with sufficient protein from whole food sources, adding in more BCAA on top of that will do no good.

Supplement companies only add in BCAA to jack up scoop size and make it seem like you’re getting more bang for your buck, but in reality, they’re not doing much for your performance or muscle building.


If you do want to supplement with amino acids pre workout, it should only be with essential amino acids, which have been proven to be significantly more effective for stimulating protein synthesis and improving performance.[4,5,6]


Industry Track Record


Finally, what is the track record of the company who is making the pre workout. Are they well established and have a long history of making quality products, or are they some pop up, fly by night company looking to make a quick buck.


In addition to doing your research on the product you’re considering for purchase, also do some digging into the company to see if they’re even worth your time.


Taking these steps can give you the peace of mind that you’re investing your hard earned dollars in the best pre workout possible, and now you might start to realize why there are so few outstanding pre workouts and so many poor ones:


Making a high quality, efficaciously dosed pre workout is time-consuming, research-intensive, and costly.


99% of companies are willing to make the investment that’s required to develop, test, and produce supplements worthy of the title of “best pre workout.”


That’s why Primeval Labs was established. We are willing to put in the time, effort, and expense it takes to properly research, formulate, and test supplements, with the understanding that our products will be consumed by live human beings.


Our products do not use hazardous banned substances, only proven ingredients that deliver results all in the quest to make the best pre workout you can find, bar none.


To help you avoid wasting money on a bad product and assure that you purchase one of the best pre workout supplements available, we’ve created an arsenal of top-tier pre workouts to fit any need, stim tolerance, or fitness goal.


The Best Pre Workouts


Ape Shit


Training hard and making gains requires a level of effort, intensity, and dedication few possess. To make significant progress in strength and size demands you constantly push yourself beyond your comfort zone.


It’s not easy to do this day after day, week after week, year after year.


That’s where Ape Shit comes in.


Ape Shit provides an infusion of aggression, ferocity, focus and rage that rivals King Kong. One serving of this energy-throttling pre workout delivers a strong, assertive kick in the ass you need to get in the gym and get s*** done in short order.


But Ape Shit isn’t just about energy, it also delivers focus, pumps, and performance through its inclusion of proven ergogenics such as L-Citrulline, Agmatine, Citicoline, and Taurine. One serving of Ape Shit is all you need for intense, long-lasting energy, motivation, and concentration to obliterate your workout and get those gains!


Mega Pre


The name says it all -- Mega Pre is a mega pre workout, though it really can be considered as the best pre workout on the market.


The reason Mega Pre is the best pre workout is that it simply delivers everything you want and need going into a training session. Every ingredient included in Mega Pre works to improve your performance in the upcoming training session.


You won’t find saturation-based ingredients like creatine or beta alanine in Mega Pre, only fast-acting ingredients that deliver immediate benefits such as L-Citrulline, VasoDrive-AP, GlycerPump, and elevATP.


The combination of the performance-enhancing supplements in Mega Pre improve energy production, focus, stamina, and hydration enabling you to go harder for longer, meaning you’ll get more work done each training session, for superior gains.


Mega Pre easily qualifies as the best pre workout all on its own, but if you’re really wanted to push your limits, and create the most epic pump of all time, stack it with Ape Shit or Vasogorge.


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For those of you who prefer to pop a few capsules rather than drink your pre workout, Primeval Labs has created Vasogorge. Teeming with cellular-swelling, vein-gorging ingredients like Agmatine Sulfate, GlycerPump, and Beet Root extract, Vasogorge is the ultimate stim-free pump pre workout for those monstrous arm days you love.


One serving of Vasogorge is all it takes to get a raging muscle pump, and don’t be surprised if the pumps start to get a bit too painful during your workout. This is completely normal, and a very gratifying “side effect” of taking Vasogorge.


Use Vasogorge on its own, or stack like a pro with either Mega Pre or Ape Shit for muscle pumps that just might make your biceps explode!


The Truth about the Best Pre Workout


Finding the best pre workout you can afford isn’t easy if you’re new to the pre workout game. That being said, we’ve laid out all the tips, tricks, and industry secrets you need to be aware of when looking for your own best pre workout supplement.


Use the information here to never waste another cent on a bogus pre workout, or if you want to save a lot of time, effort, and expense, use one of the best pre workouts formulated by Primeval Labs.


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