Train Like Regan Grimes -- Shoulders



Here at Primeval Labs, our motto is “Second to None.”


That commitment isn’t just in the supplements we deliver to you, but also in the athletes we welcome into our family, each bringing something a little different and special that further separates all for all others.


The newest addition to the Primeval Labs family is IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Regan Grimes, and as part of his welcome, we’re releasing the first in a series of “How to Train Like Regan Grimes” articles.


Today, we’re focusing on one of Regan’s best features -- shoulders.


A trouble spot for most lifters, Regan has developed the ultimate delt destroying program to transform even the smallest shoulders into two boulders.


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How to Train Like Regan Grimes

Psycho Sets


If you’re having trouble growing your delts, and getting fuller, rounder, broader looking shoulders, psycho sets are what you need. They’re similar to a drop set or “run the rack” with dumbbell curls or dumbbell side laterals, but much more painful (in a good way).


In a traditional drop set, you perform your typical 8-10 reps with your working weight, and then drop the weight by 10-20% and perform another 8-10 reps. If you’re feeling particularly spry on a given day, you might add in one more drop on top of your first.


With psycho sets, you’ll be performing drop sets, but as the weight drops, the reps increase. So, using the dumbbell lateral as an example. Let’s say your final working set was using the 40 pound dumbbells for 8 reps. The psycho set would go a little something like this:


  • Working Set - 8 reps with 40s

  • Drop Set #1 - 10 reps with 35s

  • Drop Set #2 - 12 reps with 30s

  • Drop Set #3 - 15 reps with 25s

  • Drop Set #4 - 10 reps with 20s


In case you weren’t counting, that’s a total of 55 reps on your final set of dumbbell lateral raises. That’s enough to make even the most stubborn of shoulders grow!


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Shoulder Training Tips

Loosen Your Grip


So many times when lifting weights, especially for upper body moves, we all have a tendency to grab the bar with a crushing grip. While it’s important that you’re not loose with the weight and at risk of dropping it on your head, you also don’t want to have it in a death grip either.


The reason is, is that gripping the weight too tightly over-recruits muscles of the forearm, and shifts the focus away from the intended muscle.


Nowhere is this more obvious than with side lateral raises. Far too often, we all have a tendency to grip the dumbbells a bit too tightly, and when that happens, your forearms end up bearing the brunt of the load rather than your shoulders.


If you find that you’re not getting a whole lot from your lateral raises, try lightening your grip, using a false grip, or even a somewhat limp wrist, which further de-emphasizes the role the muscles of the lower arm have in performing the exercise.


Quality of Movement


Shoulder training is about moving heavy weight, but it’s also about moving the weights with good form and control. Sure, you can use a little body english on the last rep or two, or during the final drop set on your Psycho Set, but for your main working sets, you need to use good form.


That means leaving your ego at the door and selecting a weight your muscles can handle. If you’re having to fling, jerk, or kick the weight up on the first few reps, you’re moving too heavy of a weight. The muscles you’re trying to build aren’t bearing the brunt of the load, which means they’re not getting as effective of a workout as they probably could be.


Dial back the weight, particularly on exercises you know you go to heavy on just to satisfy your ego (i.e. curls, laterals, etc.). What you trade in ego and weight, you’ll make up for in quality of reps and ensure a superior workout and ultimately better gains (and pumps!).This is a volume based workout. The reps are going to do the work here. When you go to heavy, you start swinging the weights and using momentum, which takes the focus off the muscles you’re trying to work and shifts it onto other auxiliary muscles.

Remember, you’re trying to build muscle, not set the world record for most weight lifted. Use the right weight for the given rep range than allows you to perform all of the reps with control. Leave all that jerking, swinging, and flinging nonsense to the guys who aren’t focused on getting results.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure


Failure is looked at as a bad thing, which couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s through failure that we learn, mature, and grow. Nowhere is this more evident than in bodybuilding.


Your muscles only grow when they’re forced to do something beyond what they can already do, and that means at times pushing to failure, and beyond.


Regan has included some ways to ensure training past failure and helping your delts grow bigger and rounder with the use of Psycho Sets, but in addition, don’t be afraid to push to failure on the final set of your other exercises too.


It’s only by challenging your mind and muscles that you realize what you’re truly capable of!


Regan Grimes Bigger Fuller Rounder Shoulder Workout





Dumbbell Side Laterals (perform “Psycho Set” on Set #4)



Incline Dumbbell Squeeze Front Raise (superset with next exercise)



Incline Dumbbell Squeeze “Punch”



Lying Cable Upright Row



Bent Over Dumbbell Fly (superset with next exercise)



Face Pulls



Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press



Hammer Strength Shoulder Press




Regan Grimes Shoulder Workout Tips

Incline Dumbbell Squeeze Raise & “Punches”


Set up an incline bench at roughly a 60 degree incline.


Grab two dumbbells and lie on the bench with your chest supported. Squeeze the dumbbells together and perform a front raise, controlling the raising and lowering of the dumbbells.


Using the same weight you just used for the front raises, perform 12-15 “punches” with the dumbbells.


To do this, hold the dumbbells in the same “squeeze” position, beginning by your chest, and pressing out from your body and up. When you arms are fully extended, the dumbbells should be around eye level or slightly higher.


This superset is great for burning out the front delts and helping build the upper portion of the chest, a trouble spot for nearly all lifters, male and female.


Cable Upright Row


The upright row is a classic shoulder builder for targeting the side delts and traps. Here, Regan puts a unique spin on the upright row by using the seated cable machine and performing them lying on an incline.


To perform the “Grimey Upright Row,” begin by setting up two foam rollers on a seated cable row machine. Position one by the foot rest which is to cushion your knees, as you’ll be lying back on the bench to perform the exercise. Position the second roller, so that when you lay back, it runs along your upper back


Note: make sure to position 3-4 25# plates behind the roller, so it doesn’t roll on you when laying back on it.


Now, attach a bar you’d typically use for lat pulldowns to the cable attachment for the seated row, and grasp the bar with a wide grip. Make sure to use a false grip when grabbing the bar so that you’re limiting involvement from the forearm.


After grabbing the bar, lay back on the roller and begin pulling the bar towards your face, just as you would with a normal upright row. Make sure to stop the upward pull of the bar when it reaches your nipple line, any higher and you risk losing focus on the delts and also increasing the likelihood of developing an impingement.


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