Train Like Seth! -- Chest Edition



If you’re here, it’s because you’re trying to grow whatever sorry excuse you call pecs into a massive shield of a chest. Chances are, you’ve tried every other method of chest training out there -- straight sets, supersets, drop sets, tri sets, anything to make that chest grow.


No matter what you try, you’re always left with the same result -- poor, underdeveloped pecs.


How do you train your chest efficiently for maximum growth?




How to Train like Seth Feroce


Our whole goal here is to enhance blood flow. We want to force as much blood as humanly possible into the muscle. The longer you can keep that pump going throughout your workout, the more nutrients that continue to flow. This is furthered by using the right combination of supplements after the workout to continue pushing those essential, muscle-building nutrients into the body.


Don’t overthink things.

Quality food.

Quality supplements.

Quality training.


That’s the trifecta for superior performance and growth!


Seth’s Words of Wisdom


“Don’t be a Pussy! Get outside of your comfort zone and push yourself! See what you are capable of!” -- Seth Feroce

Chest Training


Today’s workout is volume-based. We’re going to be doing Seth Sets for during the workout. If you don’t know what Seth Sets are, get ready for one of the most taxing methods of training ever created!


Seth Sets


A “Seth Set” is where you select the heaviest weight you can lift for the prescribed number of reps. After completion of those reps, immediately cut the weight in half and perform twice as many number of reps as you just did with the heavier weight.


For example, your first exercise with a Seth Set is Low Incline Dumbbell Press. Pick a heavy weight you can lift for 12 reps. Let’s say you can do 80 lbs. Now, perform your 12 reps, and immediately after finishing your last rep with the 80s, put down the weights and pick up the 40s. You’ll now perform 24 reps (12 x 2 = 24) with the 40s.


Most likely, you won’t be able to get all 24 in one shot. That’s OK!


But you’re still going to get all 24 reps. When you burn out with the 40s, lower the weights for a few seconds (3-5) then bang out a few more reps. Repeat these mini breaks as needed until you complete your Seth Set.


We told you this wasn’t going to be easy!


Go Time!

Get mentally ready. Crank up the tunes, do some shoulder roles, band pull aparts and light weight presses to warm up and get the blood flowing, and then it’s time to serious f*ck sh*t up!

Chest Workout -- Seth Style





Low Incline Dumbbell Press - Seth Sets*


12/24, 12/24, 8/16


Low Incline Dumbbell Flyes (superset with Close Grip Pushups)




Close Grip Pushups**




Parallel Bar Dips (superset with pec dec)




Pec Dec




Cable Pullover (superset with Cable Crossover)




Cable Crossover




Ladder Pushups***






*Dumbbells are NOT pressed together at the top. Keep them separated to focus on building the outer portion of the upper pec.


**Incline push ups are performed on the back of the incline bench with hands placed so thumbs and index fingers are touching to make a triangle.


***Set smith machine bar somewhere around knee height and rep out push ups, taking mini breaks as needed until you’ve completely exhausted your chest.


Chest Training Tips


  • Maintain control of the weights through every rep of every set. No sloppy reps here! You should be focused on quality of movement to get the most of each rep and drive as much blood as possible into the muscle.

  • NO EGO LIFTING! You’re hear to grow your chest no get hurt flinging around excessively heavy weight

  • For dumbbell flyes, arms are opened out at the bottom and brought together at the top with wrist facing each other.

  • Use hand and grip angles that best suit your body and allow you to target the chest muscles most effectively. If you need to place the pulleys higher to get a better squeeze on the pec, then do that. Tailor the movement to allow you to get the best contraction possible, for a better workout.

  • Train with Intensity!

    To get results you must be intense. The reason you look the way you do is by how intense you do everything in life -- training, eating, working, sleeping.




These are going to make you some huge superhuman freak overnight. They’re here to supplement your diet and training and give you the “inches” you need to take your progress and results to the next level!




Primeval’s pump formula is formulated specifically to help you drive as much blood as possible into your muscles. Take one serving about 20 minutes prior to hitting the weights.

If you need some extra energy to get going for your workout, feel free to take a serving of Ape Shit, to really help you train insane!


Intracell 7


Pure, performance carbohydrate -- that’s what Intracell 7 is. One scoop pre workout, one scoop intra workout, and one scoop post workout. That’s the Seth way to dose it. 

30g of carbs may not seem like a lot, but remember it’s about quality, NOT quantity.


Intracell 7 uses premium-grade performance-based carbohydrates to fuel your muscles and provide a vehicle to drive those EAAs into your working muscles.




Following your workout, your muscles are broken, bloody, and beaten from one kickass training session. They’re starving for essential amino acids to rebuild, recover, and GROW.


  • Along with your one scoop post-workout serving of Intracell 7, consume one scoop post workout. This provides a flood of muscle-building EAAs your muscles need at the most crucial time.


Wrap Up


Growing your chest into an iron shield isn’t an overnight process, but with quality food, quality supplements, and some intense Seth-style training, you’ll get there! Day by day, press by press.


Put in the work, fuel your body properly, and watch your chest balloon up like you’ve never imagined before!