Train Like Stephfitmum



Everyone loves to train chest and arms, hardly anyone looks forward to leg day...except Primeval Labs own Stephanie Sanzo (@stephfitmum) that is!


Stephanie doesn’t just “get in” her leg workouts each week, she actually looks forward to them and even enjoys them!


You might think she’s taking it easy on leg day, but don’t be foolish enough to make that mistake. Stephanie takes leg day very seriously, more seriously that 90% of the bros in the gym, too.


So, how does Stephanie tackle leg day?


We’ve got all that info ahead, in leg workout tour de force that’s perfect for women and men alike. Just be aware that you might be crawling home from the gym after you get through with the workout...if you survive, that is.


How to Train like StephFitMum


Stephanie likes to train heavy on squats, but also knows the true way to continuous growth is to not get stuck training the same way all the time. That’s why, she uses a variety of rep ranges, and isn’t afraid to mix things up from time to time.


Steph’s Words of Wisdom


Your mindset is your greatest asset! Whenever you experience setbacks... make sure you find a way to gradually build yourself back up and never let anything hold you back from your goals” -- Stephanie Sanzo

Leg Training


Today’s workout is a high volume leg day hitting all the areas of the legs -- quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Make no mistake, just because this is a workout performed by a female doesn’t mean you’re going to be spending your entire training session doing glute kickbacks, fire hydrants, and hip thrusts.


This workout is intense, sure to tax even the most seasoned bros in the gym.


Go Time!


Make sure to thoroughly warm up for the ensuing leg beatdown. As someone who’s dealt with injuries during her lifting career, Stephanie knows the value of a proper warm up. She likes to do lots of dynamic stretching prior to hitting the squat rack. Lateral mini-band walks, leg swings, a mix of hip openers, and several sets of light weight squats. This helps get the blood flowing and ensure the legs, hips, and lower back are primed for action.

Leg Workout -- StephFitMum Style





Barbell Back Squats


12 / 10 / 8 / 6


Resistance Band Leg Press* (superset with leg extensions)


20 (10 full reps + 10 partials)


Leg Extension




Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts




Barbell Hip Thrusts**




Smith Machine Calf Raises






*Adding the resistance band helps ensure constant tension on the quadriceps throughout the entire range of motion and makes you have more control of the weight as well.


**Perform barbell glute thrusts with shoulder blades resting against a bench and mini-band wrapped above your knees, which encourages external rotation of the hips and comprehensive glute recruitment for the exercise


Leg Training Tips


  • Go Barefoot

    While it may see strange, Stephanie enjoys doing certain leg exercises (especially deadlifts) barefoot. This allows you to really “grip” the ground with your feet and generate the force necessary to drive to lockout.

  • Control the Negative

    It’s incredibly easy, particularly on squats and leg press, to drop to the bottom of the movement and let gravity do the work. This is one of the main reasons men and women struggle to get effective results from their leg workouts.

    Control the eccentric (lowering) phase of each rep, which maximizes muscle recruitment and ensures you get the most from each repetition for optimal growth.

  • Don’t be afraid to go heavy!

    Just because you’re going higher with the repetitions in certain exercises doesn’t mean you should automatically grab the pink dumbbells. Choose the heaviest weight possible that allows you the fail at the prescribed number of repetitions while maintaining proper form.

  • Adapt

    We all get kinks, strains, and tweaks during our time battling the iron. As awesome as back squats are, if your currently dealing with a lower back injury, or just finished recovering from one, that doesn’t mean you have to skip leg day altogether.

    Find alternatives that allow you to still squat, but limit any strain placed on the low back. A great example of this, and one of Stephanie’s personal favorites, is belt squats. Because the weight is distributed across your hips, rather than loaded on your back (spine), there is significantly less pressure off spine, allowing you to load up the legs and glutes without any strain on the lower back.


Stephanie’s Supplement Stack


Stephanie likes to get a little extra kick going into her training sessions, but also knows stimulants don’t provide everything you need to make progress in the gym. As such, she utilizes two potent performance boosting and recovery enhancing products along with her stim-based pre workout, which is:


  • Adrenal Rush V2

    Primeval’s premier energy boosting, fat burning stimulant pre workout, Adrenal Rush V2 provides the jolt your body and mind need to get amped for the intense leg thrashing that’s in store. Seamlessly combining caffeine and a host of powerful stimulants / beta-2 adrenergic receptors (including hordenine, synephrine, and n-methyltyramine), along with performance enhancing compounds like beta alanine and taurine, makes Adrenal Rush V2 the go-to choice for StephFitMum prior to every workout. Each serving provides superior energy, focus, aggression, and stamina for optimal performance.

    Consume 1 scoop about 20 minutes prior to the start of your training session.

  • Intracell 7

    Steph uses Intracell 7 every workout -- legs, chest, arms. All of them.

    Intracell 7 is the perfect intra workout supplement with its mix of fast-acting, performance carbohydrates (Cluster Dextrin & Palatinose), hydration agents (GlycerPump & Taurine), and nitric oxide boosters.

    Steph mixes up one serving and sips on it during her rest periods in between sets, which work can work perfectly for you too!

  • EAA Max

    Whether she just finished a grueling leg workout or recovering on an off day, Stephanie always makes sure to consume a serving of EAA Max. This provides all of the essential amino acids (EAA’s) required by the muscles to repair, recover, and, most importantly, GROW.

    On training days, consume one scoop immediately post workout to kickstart the recovery process. On non-training days, consume one serving in between meal time to support recovery and rebuilding.


Wrap Up


Leg day is hard…really hard.


If you’ve be just “getting by” with some mediocre leg day workout, or looking for something to spark new gains, give Stephanie’s leg day workout a shot and see if you can hang with the best!