What Makes a Pre Workout Elite

If you want to know what makes a pre workout elite, and how to identify the best pre workout supplements on the market, you want to read this article.


Extreme energy.


Mind-melting focus.


Skin-tearing pumps.


Limitless endurance.


Increased athletic performance.


No doubt you’ve seen these very claims (or ones remarkably similar) splattered across pre workout supplements ads, and the tubs themselves on occasion.


Yes, pre workout supplements have been and will continue to be a hot commodity, and with each year comes the inevitable question of:


“What’s the best pre workout supplement?”


Each supplement brand puts forth a pre workout (or multiple ones) staking their claim as the best pre workout supplement, but when you get past the outlandish claims and slick marketing jargon, more often than not you come face to face with product touting a confusing, underdosed melange of ingredients all cloaked under the shadow of a proprietary blend.


Yes, those same products that claim to be the absolute best of the best, are nothing more than an overpriced tub of very good tasting caffeine powder.


That begets the question…


What makes a pre workout "the best"?


That is, what qualities, traits, and characteristics should a pre workout have to be considered a cut above the rest miring about in mediocrity? What does it take to make a pre workout elite?


And so, with that in mind, let’s begin our discussion of identifying what makes a pre workout elite, and by answering that question, we hope you can distinguish for yourself the truly exceptional pre workout supplements from the otherwise mundane, copycat ones meandering about.



The Pillars of Pre Workout Supplements

The answer to what makes a pre workout supplement elite can be found in the four attributes that all pre workouts should address:


  • Energy

  • Focus

  • Performance

  • Pumps


By addressing each of these 4 pillars of proper pre workout supplementation, a product can quickly find itself in elite company.


Now, let us begin our discussion of each of these 4 categories and see what ingredients you should look for to maximize each one.



Energy is the reason pre workout supplements became a sensation well over 20 years ago. There’s something unmistakeable and irreplaceable about the energy buzz that pre workout supplements deliver that keeps us coming back from more.


And, realistically speaking, we all need that bump in energy and motivation from time to time. Whether it be pre-dawn workouts before heading into the office or late night workouts following a 12 hour workday of endless meetings, the energy infusion of pre workout supplements is practically essential at times.


But CNS stimulation is only one facet of the energy an elite pre workout should deliver. Yes, igniting the mind and nervous system is important, but it’s equally important your muscles cells have ample energy to perform at a high level throughout your training session.


You see, energy levels start high at the outset of training, but quickly dwindle the deeper into your workout you go. As energy stores drop, so too does performance, and that where compounds like creatine and elevATP are a must.


These compound improve ATP stores and enhance ATP regeneration so that you’re muscles can perform at a higher output for longer. This means you can bang out more reps before succumbing to fatigue, leading to bigger, better gains in performance and aesthetics.


Stimulants can only take you so far during training, after that, it’s a simply matter of energy availability and usage. If your muscles don’t have ample stores of energy, or the required nutrients to rapidly regenerate it, your performance, stamina, and endurance goes down faster than the Titanic.


That’s why during the creation of Mega Pre Black, we included a synergistic matrix of proven stimulants and natural energy boosters including:


  • Two forms of caffeine

  • Dynamine

  • Betaine Anhydrous

  • elevATP


Together, this compounds boost mental and physical energy production in the body, making for better performance during your workouts.



Focus is a highly underrated, yet vitally important, facet of training. As we’ve explained in our article detailing the importance of the mind-muscle connection, focus can make a substantial difference in your performance, and ultimately, your muscle growth.


Focus is your ability to block out all distractions and focus singularly on the task at hand. In the case of exercise, focusing means consciously thinking about the movements you’re performing and having the body and mind working in perfect unison. When training with extreme focus, you should be concentrating on each and every individual muscle fiber lengthening and contracting to its fullest extent.


Once you’re able to do this, you can know with absolute certainty that you have achieved supreme focus during your training.


Most pre workouts rely purely on a cocktail of stimulants to deliver focus during training, and that works, up to a point. But all of us, even the most diehard stim junkies around, can only take so much stimulation before we’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off.


That’s the interesting thing about stimulants….too little isn’t effective, too much and you’re unable to concentrate. But, when you take the right amount at the right time, you have the perfect catalyst for superior focus during your workout.


But, as we discussed above in the “Energy” section of the 4 pillars of pre workouts, stimulants only satisfy a portion. To truly get that dialed-in, “mind-melting” focus, you need nootropics.


Nootropics are brain-boosting compounds that work to improve memory, focus, learning, and attention. They work by enhancing production of important chemical messengers in the body called neurotransmitters as well as improving cerebral blood flow and energy production.


Chief among the neurotransmitters is acetylcholine. Dubbed “the learning neurotransmitter”, acetylcholine plays a prominent role in memory and learning. It also helps foster a stronger mind-muscle connection.


Equally important is the neurotransmitter dopamine -- the “motivation” and reward neurotransmitter. Dopamine elevates your mood and gives you the burst of energy you need to get in the gym and go ham on the iron.


Far too often, pre workout formulas fail to address these two vitally important neurotransmitters, which is why oftentimes you really won’t feel very focused during your training sessions.


However, Mega Pre Black includes a full spectrum of nootropics to boost neurotransmission, dial-in focus, and strengthen the mind-muscle connection. Notably included are 2 grams of choline bitartrate + 100mcg Huperzine A, which boost and prolong acetylcholine production for long-lasting focus and a robust mind-muscle connection. Also included is Dynamine and Caffeine -- two of the strongest dopamine-boosting compounds available for pre workouts.


These ingredients work in harmony to promote motivation, aggression, and pure tunnel-vision focus, so that once you get going in your workout, there’s no possibility of distraction.






If energy is the #1 reason athletes seek out pre workouts, pumps are without a doubt the second most popular reason people love pre workouts. And who can blame them?


Nothing feels better than getting a savage muscle pump while your training, be it arms, chest, back, or legs. There’s no greater sensation that when a muscle swells, pooling with blood and veins become engorged. Simply put, when you attain the almighty pump, you know you can walk a little taller, a little bigger, a little badder.


Pump pre workouts typically involve boosting nitric oxide via the arginine-nitric oxide pathway, but that’s only one avenue for generating massive muscle pumps. You also have the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway, as well as the “water-based” pump pathway that operates off of enhancing cellular hydration. Additionally, it’s important to not only be concerned with increasing vasodilation, but protecting against vasoconstriction. This is where ingredients such as VasoDrive-AP (found in Mega Pre) come in handy.


By taking a multi-pronged approach to enhancing muscle pumps, you’re guaranteed to experience harder, denser, longer-lasting pumps, and the truly elite pre workouts address these various avenues creating a pump pre workout like no other.


As far as ingredients go, Citrulline is a must have in any pre workout that calls itself a pump pre workout. Citrulline provides the “raw material” your body needs to generate nitric oxide, but to have truly savage pumps, it helps to bolster the effects of citrulline by including an ingredient that protects against arginine breakdown. That’s where an ingredient like L-Norvaline comes in handy. Mega Pre Black contains a heaping 6 grams of pure L-Citrulline alongside a whopping 300mg dose of L-Norvaline for powerful, sustained nitric oxide production.


Regarding “water-based” pumps, Mega Pre Black contains betaine, an incredibly effective all natural osmolyte that improves cellular hydration and ATP production in the body, making betaine an outstanding addition to any pre workout formula.


By addressing nitric oxide production, arginase inhibition, and cellular hydration, Mega Pre Black delivers powerful muscle pumps via multiple mechanisms, making it a truly elite pump pre workouts.


For even more information of how pump pre workouts can help you build muscle and strength, click here.




While stimulants and pumps get all the attention when discussing the best pre workouts, performance is what really matters. After all, the whole purpose of using a pre workout is to improve athletic performance during training or competition.


In fact, if a pre workout doesn’t boost your performance, it’s really not a pre workout supplement at all. It’s a glorified energy drink or caffeine pill.


The true pre workouts supply Ingredients that enhance cellular hydration, blood flow, energy production, and stamina. They help you bang out more reps with more power and speed and for a longer period of time.


In other words, pre workouts are meant to help you perform at a level beyond what you can without them.


What kind of ingredients boost performance?


Caffeine first and foremost.


Not only is a powerful stimulant, caffeine also helps blunt fatigue and perceived exertion, enhance fat oxidation (saving glycogen stores), and prolong endurance.


Other performance enhancing compounds include citrulline, beta alanine, betaine, and elevATP. Together these ingredients enhance blood flow (supplying vital nutrients to your muscles), buffer acidic ion accumulation (enhancing endurance), improve ATP production, and boost power and strength, creating a powerful performance-boosting matrix like no other.


Mega Pre Black includes each of these proven pre workout supplements at their research-backed doses, making it the go-to pre workout supplement when you want to perform at your absolute best.




Bonus Pillar -- FLAVORING


There’s no other way to say it. In this day and age, there is absolutely NO reason to have a poor tasting pre workout. Yet companies continually push out substandard tasting formulas under the guise that “flavor doesn’t matter, so long as the product works.”


We say, “why not have both?”


It’s entirely possible to have a product that is both effective and tastes insanely delicious. Most companies just want to invest the time or money required to perfect the flavoring systems.


With Mega Pre and Mega Pre Black, we’ve made formulas that are as great-tasting as they are effective. No longer do you have to choose between flavor and effectiveness. When using Primeval Labs supplements, you can have your cake and eat it too!


Mega Pre Black -- The Pinnacle of Pre Workouts


Mega Pre Black is the elite pre workout of athletes, bodybuilders, and casual gym goers who want to perform their best each and every time they enter the gym. Energy, pumps, performance, and focus, Mega Pre Black delivers it all with a product packing hefty doses of proven supplements.


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