Which Fat Burner is Best for You?



Fat burners are a godsend for achieving the highly sought after, but impossible to attain, shredded look. The problem is, there are THOUSANDS of different fat burners and thermogenic supplements on the market, with >95% of them being nothing but a glorified caffeine pill.


As you can imagine, it’s not easy to find the right one for your needs, which can result in a lot of wasted time and money. But, that’s where Primeval Labs comes in. We’ve created some different fat burners, each precisely formulated to help you drop those unsightly pounds FAST.


How are you supposed to know which one is right for your particular needs?


That’s where this handy guide comes in.


We’ve got a breakdown of a fat burner, highlighting the important features, helping you decide the best fat burner for your needs!

Choosing the Best Fat Burner for YOU


  • Hurakan

    The newest fat melting supplement from Primeval Labs is Hurakan -- the most comprehensive fat loss supplement ever created. Unlike other weight loss products on the market, Hurakan doesn’t just attack fat from one angle, it fights it on multiple fronts.

    Hurakan uses only the most effective and thoroughly-vetted ingredients to accelerate fat loss including Paradoxine (Grains of Paradise), Yohimbine, Cayenne Pepper, Evodiamine, Dandelion, Hydroxycitric Acid, and a jaw-dropping 4 forms of carnitine! These ingredients are proven to enhance fat burning, reduce fat storage, decrease appetite, increase thyroid function, and ramp up thermogenesis. No other fat burner provides the multi-pronged attack on fat quite like the storm that is Hurakan.

    On top of that, Hurakan provides intense, well-rounded energy due to its unique matrix of immediate and slow-release caffeine variants, making for the perfect high energy fat loss supplement, that doesn’t leave you feeling over stimmed. Feel better, more energized, and more focused each and every day with Hurakan.

  • Pyretic

    Sometimes you don’t want any extra stimulants in your day, or perhaps you’re taking a complete break from stims all together. Does this mean you can’t have access to a premium quality fat burner.

    NO WAY!

    For those days when you still want to burn fat fast, but not intake any stimulants, Primeval Labs has created Pyretic -- the king of the stimulant free fat burners.

    Pyretic is unlike any other non-stim weight loss supplement available -- it actually works! Each serving of Pyretic packs proven stim-free fat burning ingredients include Acetyl L-Carnitine, Green Tea, and Forskolin, which ramp up lipolysis, thereby increasing the amount of fat you burn each day. On top of that, Pyretic also includes ginseng (as GS-14), chromium picolinate, olive leaf extract, bacopa monnieri, and Cyanidin-3-Glucoside (C3G). These ingredients help increase metabolic rate, reduce food cravings, and regulate blood sugar levels, resulting in more calories burned each day for faster fat loss sans stimulants.

    If you’re looking to set your fat loss journey on fire while avoiding stimulants altogether, there’s no other choice than Pyretic!




Let’s say that you’ve got A LOT of fat to drop, or you’re wanting to shed the little bit of stubborn fat you have left as quickly as possible. The solution either way is to stack two fat burners together to create the ultimate 1-2 fat-melting combo.


What’s the best way to stack Primeval Labs fat burners?


First, you have to decide how you want to get your energy. Do you want the more well-rounded and prolonged surge of energy from Hurakan? Depending on how you like your energy to hit determines which you choose.


After that, it’s easy.


Simply add a serving of Pyretic along with your stim-based fat burner to create a powerful combination of fat-fighting ingredients that no amount of stubborn fat can resist.


Note that you should never stack multiple stimulant products together.


Wrap Up


Fat burners are not one size fits all. Choosing the right fat burner is lot like buying a car, you need to find one that fits your personal preferences (and budget). Other brands try to pigeonhole their customers by only offering a single weight loss option, not us.


Primeval Labs is committed to doing what’s in the best interest of our valued consumer and that means developing a comprehensive, effective, and affordable set of fat burners that can appeal to everyone’s needs. Fat loss is never easy, but with our help, losing weight will never have to be stressful or agonizing again!