30 Minute Arm Workout To Build Bigger Arms

No matter how tired, beat up, or unmotivated you may feel, there’s something a bicep and tricep dumbbell workout that motivates us to train.

Up next, we’ve got a fast-paced 30 minute arm workout with dumbells that’s sure to engorge your muscles, boost your confidence, and make your arms look as muscular as possible. 

Best of all it can be performed just about anywhere (as it only requires a pair of dumbbells) and anytime, even on those days when you can only spare 30 minutes for a workout.

Let's get to it!


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Biceps and Triceps Workout Training Tips


Pump workouts are high rep and done at a fast pace, but that doesn’t mean you have go lightning-quick through each rep during a fast 30 minute arm workout. 

Part of getting a savage arm pump is getting a good, hard, and long squeeze on the muscle. Doing so ensures a full contraction and helps drive more blood to the muscle, engorging it and making it look as huuuuuge as possible.

Drop Sets Are Your Friend

Drop sets are a gold mine for adding intensity to your workouts, making the most of limited training time, and getting a nasty pump. 

They’re one of the best training techniques for training beyond muscular failure and help drive more blood to the muscle, creating a tremendous swelling effect (i.e. pump) in the muscle.

Drop sets are best saved for the final set of an exercise. Otherwise, if you perform them every set, you’ll fatigue yourself too much and not be able to push max weight on your heavier sets.

Drink Up!

Short rest, high volume, and lots of reps are all important to getting an epic pump in the biceps and triceps, but perhaps the least discussed part of getting a pump is hydration. 

You know drinking water is important for overall health, as well as maximizing athletic performance, but we can count the times, on one hand, we’ve heard the topic of hydration discussed regarding muscle pumps.

Suffice it to say you need to be well-hydrated if you want to maximize your muscle pump. After all, some of the most powerful pump-enhancing supplements around like creatine, GlycerPump and Taurine work by enhancing cellular hydration. 

To get the most bang for your buck from these pump pre-workout supplements you need to consume a good bit of water.

That’s why we recommend using a minimum of 16 ounces of water anytime we’re using these cell saturating ingredients. Any less, and you won’t get the full muscle swelling effect.

Eat Carbs

Building off our last point, in addition to consuming enough water prior to your pump workout, you also want to have some carbohydrates, preferably salty ones. We say that carbs are good for a pump because carbohydrates are exceedingly good at absorbing water. 

In fact, for every gram of carbohydrates you eat, it carries with it 3 grams of water.

While it’s the “cool” thing to ditch any and all carbs these days, if you want to optimize performance and get the best pump possible, you need carbohydrates.

As your muscles pull in these carbohydrates (for energy production and glycogen storage) they also take with them those extra grams of water, which helps increase the hydration of the muscle. This creates a more shapely, well-rounded muscle and generates a tremendous water-based pump.

We mentioned “salty” carbs earlier because salt plays a crucial role in maintaining fluid levels in the body, and as you’ve probably witnessed when eating too much pizza, eating a lot of sodium-laden foods makes you hold onto more water. 

Consuming salty food pre-workout helps retain more water, which works to our advantage when trying to look as swole as possible.

If you don’t want to eat your carbs prior to training, simply take a serving of Intracell 7, which contains 20g of fast-digesting carbohydrates along with a collection of cell swelling pump enhancers including GlycerPump, Taurine, and VasoDrive-AP to support your monster pumps.

30-Minute Arm Workout

*Note: Perform each bicep and tricep pair as a superset.

So, your first biceps and triceps superset will be the standing dumbbell curl followed immediately by the close grip dumbbell bench press.

Your second superset will be the incline DB curl followed by the incline skull crushers.




Standing Dumbbell Curl



Close Grip DB Bench Press (1-½ rep style)


Incline Dumbbell Curl



Incline Dumbbell Skullcrushers



Dumbbell Spider Curl



Diamond Push Ups



Biceps Drop Set of Death

You might remember that we mentioned up top that drop sets are a great tool for training beyond failure and getting an epic pump. Well, you’re about to perform the ultimate drop set, in the form of a “run the rack”.

Here, you’re going to pick the heaviest weight you can curl for 10 reps and perform those reps. You’ll then immediately set the weights down and grab the set of dumbbells that’s 5 lbs less than your first weight. 

Now you’re going to perform another 10 reps (if possible). When your arms can take no more, set the dumbbells down and grab the next pair of dumbbells.

Continue doing these 5 lb drops until you’re curling the 5s at the end of the rack.

If you’re able to survive this, you’ll be rewarded with the sickest bicep pump of your life...though you might not be able to feel your arms by this point!

After successfully completing the run the rack drop set from hell, YOU’RE DONE!

Hop in the shower and get ready to have the night of your life!

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