Grow Muscle With This Chest Workout | Joesthetics

What does it take to grow a massive chest?

Primeval Labs athlete Jo Lindner (Joesthetics) has the answer!

Joe takes you deep inside his workout and discusses what exercises you should be doing to help grow your pecs.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Here’s the full workout:


Joesthetics Chest Workout for Mass




Machine Chest Press



Cable Crossovers



Joesthethics Mass Building Tips for a Bigger, Stronger Chest

Machine Chest Press

Joe is a big believer in using the bench press as the primary overall “mass building” exercise for the chest.

Today, he’s using a seated chest press machine to explain how you can emphasize different areas of the chest based on the position of your arms and shoulders.

For instance, when you grab the bar or chest press machine handles with an underhand (supinated) grip, more tension is shifted to the lower region of the pec major.

When using a pronated grip, you want the upper arm to be angled out between 30-45 degrees away from your torso. This helps focus tension on the pecs while reducing strain on the shoulder joint.

Allowing your elbows to flare out too much can lead to internal rotation and place unwanted stress on the shoulder.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking certain chest presses only work one region of the pecs. Muscles don’t work that way.

Sure some pressing movements may emphasize certain regions of the pec more than others (for instance incline presses recruit the clavicular head of the pecs to a greater degree than decline or flat presses), but the entire pec muscle is still involved.

Jo always performs a number of warm up sets before 4 heavy working sets in the 6-8 rep range.

Cable Crossover

After completing a heavy compound exercise, Jo likes to move onto an isolation exercise to stress a specific region of the pecs.

During the cable crossover, ensure that you’re maintaining the same elbow position throughout the entire range of motion while focusing on bringing both handles together until they are almost touching in front of your body.

Similar to chest presses, you can alter the position of your hands and elbows to emphasize different regions of the chest to ensure the best chest development possible. 

Hold the handles in the contracted position for 1-3 seconds to increase the total time under tension as well as the metabolic stress.

Besides increasing the total amount of work your pecs are doing, incorporating a pause in the contracted position also generates a tremendous burn in the chest thanks to the elongated time under tension.

Finally, make sure to maintain a proud chest so the focus of the exercise is placed on the pecs and not on the shoulders and bicep tendon.

Only Two Exercises?!

Unlike many lifters who believe in annihilating a muscle group with 5-6 exercises in a single workout and then not training it the rest of the week, Jo takes a higher frequency approach.

With this training philosophy, Jo may only perform two exercises for a muscle group in a given workout, but he hits the muscle group several times within a single week.

Spreading out your total training volume across an entire week allows for a higher overall level of work to be completed, which leads to better performance and greater overload on the muscles.

Training a muscle group more frequently also allows for greater improvements in exercise execution as you’re performing the movements more often.

If you've never tried high-frequency training before, consider giving it a shot (especially if you've plateaued with your current training program).

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