Instructional Chest Workout for Big Results | Joesthetics

Primeval Labs athlete Jo Lindner, aka Joesthethics, is back with another instructional pec-pumping chest workout to help you build an iron shield.

Jo takes you step by step through his training program as well as what supplements he uses to push his workouts to a new level.

Think you can hang with Joesthetics?!

Let’s find out!

Joesthethics Chest Workout Supplement Stack

Mega Pre Red

To get things rolling and boost energy and focus, Joesthetics takes a serving of Primeval Labs Mega Pre Red.

Mega Pre Red is a delicious-tasting, high energy pre workout formulated to boost performance, delay the onset of fatigue, and enhance muscle pumps.

For this workout, Jo takes a heaping scoop of Gummy Bear Mega Pre Red to the dome and then chases it with a big swig of water.


For his intra workout supplement, Joesthetics sips on a serving of Orange Sherbet EAA Max

EAA Max is a top-rated amino acid supplement supplying all nine essential amino acids needed to support protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown. Each serving of EAA Max also supplies valuable electrolytes to support hydration and performance.


Joesthetics “secret ingredient” is nothing other than the essential electrolyte -- sodium, a.ka. Salt.

Sodium helps the body keep fluids in a normal balance, and it also plays a key role in normal nerve and muscle function. Ensuring you have enough sodium is vital to optimal performance and getting a serious pump during training.

Joesthetics Chest Workout




Bench Press


12 / 12 / 8 / 10-12

Incline Hammer Strength



Chest Fly Machine (Pec Dec*



Chest Training Tips

Bench Press

Jo starts off his chest workout with a heavy compound movement that allows him to move some serious weight and create major overload on the pecs.

If you’ve never seen Joesthetics train before, then you may not understand just how methodical he is with his training. He walks in with a plan of attack to blast a muscle group form all angles to create the most muscle growth possible.

By having a plan, you know exactly what you need to do -- how many reps, how many sets, etc. -- so that you can incorporate progressive overload into your training, which is the very foundation of muscle building.

When it comes to bench press (or any pushing movement, really), make sure your wrist is always stacked over your elbow as this protects the joints and keeps them from bearing undue stress.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the angle of your elbow in relation to your torso. The closer your elbows are to your sides when performing a bench press, the more tricep you’re recruiting. The wider out your elbows are from your torso (30-45 degrees), the more chest-emphasis the pressing movement will have.

Make sure your elbows don’t drift too high though, as this can lead to a lot of undue stress on the shoulder joint. This is why you want to keep your elbows and upper arms around a 45-degree angle to your torso.

“Push Yourself to Your Limits and THROUGH Your Limits!” -- Joesthetics

Incline Hammer Strength Chest Press

The flat bench is an overall muscle and strength builder for the chest. Up next, Joesthetics wants to focus on the upper pecs (clavicular head) by performing an incline pressing movement.

For today’s workout, Jo opts for the incline hammer strength chest press machine.

One important thing to keep in mind when using any machine -- don’t just hop onto it and start repping out. Adjust the height of the seat to what’s best for your body. 

Using an improper setup on the chest press machine can lead to a lot of unwanted stress on the shoulder.

So, just like Joesthetics does in the video, take a moment to find the best seat position for you.

Cable Crossover

To cap off this chest workout, Jo goes with an exercise that allows him to achieve a peak contraction on the pecs -- the cable crossover.

Jo sets the cable attachments at the top of column and pulls the handles down and toward the center of his body, focusing on bringing his elbows as close together as possible.

PUlling from high to low emphasizes more of the middle and lower pecs while pulling from a low cable position to high emphasizes more of the upper pecs. 

Either option is fine. Today, Jo chose high-to-low, but if you want to focus more on the upper pecs, feel free to swap it for low-to-high.

To ensure you’re focusing on working the chest, make sure to keep your chest up and head up. Allowing the chest to cave in reduces tension from the chest and places it on the shoulders.

Finally, to maximize the squeeze on the pecs, hold each peak contraction for a full second before lowering the cable stack slowly under control.