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Since joining the team at Primeval Labs, one of the most common questions we receive is “What supplements does Joesthethics use?” or “What are Joesthetics favorite supplements/flavors?”

Today, we sit down with Joesthetics to answer those exact questions

So, join us as Jo Lindner (Joesthetics) takes us through a full day and explains which Primeval Labs supplements he uses and why.

Stick around for the end, and you’ll also get a killer chest & back workout, too!

Joestethics Favorite Primeval Labs Supplements


Jo always starts his day with a scoop of Primeval Labs Day2Day -- a delicious-tasting fruits & greens formula supplying 5 grams of premium-quality dehydrated greens and fruits powders alongside a comprehensive digestive enzyme complex.

Jo has one scoop each morning of the Strawberry Mango Banana flavor alongside his breakfast.

Mega Pre Red

After finishing up breakfast, Jo gets ready for his daily training session.

To get in the zone and support the best performance possible, Jo uses a high-performance pre workout in Mega Pre Red.

Mega Pre Red is a premium pre workout designed to deliver high energy and intense focus with greater performance, stamina, and endurance. 

Today, Jo is using the Strawberry Pineapple flavor of Mega Pre Red ahead of his chest and back workout.

While Mega Pre Red is as refreshing and delicious-tasting as all of our supplements, when Jo hits the gym, he wants to get down to business ASAP. As such, he forgoes mixing up his serving of Mega Pre Red and dry shoots the powder, then chases it with a big swig of water.

How you choose to take your pre workout (mixed in water or dry scoop) is up to you, but what isn’t up for debate is the fact that you can expect a great workout when using Mega Pre Red!


Joesthetics Pre Workout



Before hitting his first set, Jo mixes up his intra workout drink, and for this workout, it’s a double scoop of Primeval Labs thirst-quenching amino acid supplement, EAA Max.

EAA Max supplies a comprehensive profile of all nine essential amino acids the body needs to build and repair muscle tissue while resisting protein breakdown. Every serving of EAA Max also includes electrolyte and hydration support to help hard-training athletes like Joesthetics maintain high levels of performance during training.

Depending on whether Jo is cutting, bulking, or maintaining, he’ll rotate between EAA Max or Intracell. Intracell contains 20 grams of high-performance carbohydrates like Cluster Dextrin and Palatinose.


After the workout is complete, Jo wastes no time in mixing up his post-workout shake -- 1 scoop of Diner Vanilla ISOLIT is 6-8 ounces of water.

ISOLIT is a 100% whey protein isolate protein powder that is low in calories and lactose, yet delivers the rich, thick, creamy texture you’ve come to expect from premium-quality protein powders.

Every serving of ISOLIT delivers 25 grams of fast-digesting, high-quality whey protein isolate to support muscle recovery and halt protein breakdown.


Protein Powder Supplements Joesthetics


Joesthethis Superset Chest & Back Workout

When Jo hits the gym, he’s not messing around.

He supersets chest and back to keep the intensity high and chase the pump.

See if you have what it takes to hang with Jo and give this workout a shot!




Warm Up: Wide Grip Lat Pulldown



Warm Up: Pec Dec



Superset #1: Barbell Row



Superset #1: Chest Press



Superset #2: Chest Supported Row



Superset #2: Pec Dec



Superset #3: V-Bar Pulldown



Superset #3: Chest Dips



Finisher: Flat Bench DB Flyes



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