Big Triceps Devastation Workout

Everyone thinks the path to big arms is built on building big biceps.

While the biceps do contribute to the look of your arm, if you want thicker, meatier arms, then you must focus on building big triceps.

The reason for this is that the triceps are ~ ⅔ of your total arm size, which means that if you want massive arms, you need to beef up those horseshoes.

We’ve put together a killer workout to help you forge your own pair of big triceps.

Whether you’re looking for a routine to spark new growth or interested in expanding your training repertoire this triceps Devastation workout is for you!

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Big Triceps Workout How-To

This isn’t the same old, same old 3 sets of 10 reps for 3 different triceps exercises type of workout routine.

This triceps workout is an all-out assault on your triceps. 

It’s going to take every ounce of mental and physical fortitude you can muster to navigate this diabolical workout and survive to tell about it.

Here is how the workout is meant to be performed:

Every “set” within the workout will be a superset composed of 2 exercises performed back-to-back with no rest between them.

After both exercises are complete, you may rest for a maximum of 120 seconds.

This keeps the pace and intensity of the workout high, which generates a massive pump as well as a tremendous metabolic effect, helping to burn more calories. 

Each superset will be performed a total of four times using the following rep scheme:

Set 1 - 40 reps

Set 2 - 30 reps

Set 3 - 20 reps

Set 4 - 10 reps

As the number of reps go down each set, you will increase the weight.

If that seems a bit too confusing, here is an example to help you get an idea of the destruction your triceps are headed for:

Superset #1 - EZ Bar Skullcrushers supersetted with Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

Set #1:

EZ Bar Skullcrushers 45lbs x 40


Lying Dumbbell Floor Tricep Extensions 20lbs x 40

Set #2:

EZ Bar Skullcrushers 55 lbs x 30


Lying Dumbbell Floor Tricep Extensions 25 lbs x 30

Set #3:

EZ Bar Skullcrushers 65 lbs x 20


Lying Dumbbell Floor Tricep Extensions 30 lbs x 20

Set #4:

EZ Bar Skullcrushers 75 lbs x 10


Lying Dumbbell Floor Tricep Extensions 35 lbs x 10

After finishing your 4th time through the superset, you then proceed to the next superset, and the next one, and so on, until you’ve completed the entire triceps workout.

Big Triceps Training Tips

Take Your Time

Do NOT rush through the exercises.

Your goal with resistance-training isn’t to see how quickly you can get through the reps, especially if you are focused on building muscle.

Make sure you “feel” the triceps working on every rep of every exercise. By doing so, you’ll create a robust mind-muscle connection and making sure the triceps are actually doing the work, instead of the shoulders and chest, which leads to a more effective workout, and ultimately, greater gains in muscle and strength.


Hold the peak contraction at the top of every rep for a full 1-2 seconds.

Do not bounce the weights up and down allowing gravity to do the work (all the while your elbow joints take the beating).

By “squeezing” each and every rep, you’ll create an intense burn, maximize time under tension, generate more metabolites, and ensure the triceps are doing the lifting.


This may seem out of place for how to perform a workout routine, but if you want to build big triceps, then you need to eat to fuel your workouts and support recovery and growth.

Intense workouts like this big triceps workout routine are not the kind you perform while following some whacky fat loss diet.

A modest surplus is all that’s needed to support muscle growth, which is usually ~250-300 calories above maintenance. 

For more on determining how many calories you need to build muscle (or lose fat), click here.

Consuming not enough calories leads to plateaus in performance and size gains. Consuming too many calories just leads to excess fat gain on your arms (and abs), which is something none of us want.

Form Over Weight

Make no mistake, you need to lift a weight that causes you to come close to failure in the prescribed rep range.

However, if you’re jerking, flailing, and doing all sorts of heaving and hoeing to lift the weight, then you’re not really working the triceps as they are intended to be.

Instead of trying to impress everyone with how much weight you think you can lift (which no one actually cares about), select a weight that allows you to execute every rep with proper form.

Always Push for Progression

The fundamental rule of muscle building is progression.

No muscle group will grow if it isn’t challenged to perform more work than it has previously done.

What this means is that each and every time you perform a workout, you should be trying to improve upon your previous performance -- be it more sets, more reps, more weight, etc.P

Building big triceps isn’t just about doing the workouts.

It’s about progressing on them. 

To get bigger and stronger you must challenge your muscles.

If you’re able to complete all reps for a given exercise, try increasing the weight by a small amount the next time you attack the workout. If you can’t complete all reps, try to complete more next time.

Basic progression isn’t sexy, but it’s what works.

Now, it’s time for the workout!

Triceps Devastation Workout

Big Triceps Workout





Ex. 1A: Close Grip Barbell Bench Press


40 / 30 / 20 / 10


Ex. 1B: V-Bar Triceps Pushdown


40 / 30 / 20 / 10


Ex. 2A: EZ Bar Skullcrushers


40 / 30 / 20 / 10


Ex. 2B: Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extensions


40 / 30 / 20 / 10


Ex. 3A: Rope Triceps Pushdown


40 / 30 / 20 / 10


Ex. 3B: Rope Overhead Triceps Extension


40 / 30 / 20 / 10


Ex. 4A: Standing 1-Arm Overhead Tricep Extension


40 / 30 / 20 / 10


Ex. 4B: Triceps Kickbacks




If you survive until the end, and were able to perform every single rep of every single superset, you performed a grand total of 880 reps! 

Congratulations, your triceps will be sore for days, but the gains will be worth.

If the weight seemed too light, maybe bump it up a tad for next go-round, but remember, you’re doing A LOT of volume, so even the slightest increase will seem like a monumental jump in intensity.

Toss this workout into your current training program for the next few weeks, and watch as your triceps go from puny to horseshoes right before your eyes!