Ape Sh*t Alpha High Stim Pre-Workout Powder
Ape Sh*t Alpha High Stim Pre-Workout Powder
Ape Sh*t Alpha High Stim Pre-Workout Powder
Ape Sh*t Alpha High Stim Pre-Workout Powder
Ape Sh*t Alpha High Stim Pre-Workout Powder
Ape Sh*t Alpha High Stim Pre-Workout Powder

Ape Sh*t Alpha High Stim Pre-Workout Powder

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What is Ape Sh*t Alpha  

Ape Sh*t Alpha is a high energy pre workout supplement designed with one goal in mind -- to unleash the inner alpha and be the apex predator of the iron game.

Utilizing a precise combination of stimulants, nitric oxide support agents, performance  enhancers, and nootropics, Ape Sh*t Alpha is the must-have pre workout for anyone who wants  to dominate their training session.*

Ape Sh*t Alpha At-a-Glance  

● Animalistic fury and aggression*

● 350mg natural caffeine

● 300mg grape seed extract to support nitric oxide production and blood flow

● 3.2 grams Beta Alanine to boost stamina and endurance*

● Stacks great with Vasogorge Pump caps!





Can Women Use Ape Sh*t Alpha?


The ingredients included in Ape Sh*t Alpha can be used by women (and men) to boost feelings  of mental energy, motivation, focus, and performance.*

Can I Stack Ape Sh*t Alpha with Other Supplements?

Ape Sh*t Alpha contains two potent stimulants including caffeine. As such, it  is recommended to not stack Ape Sh*t Alpha with any other stimulant-containing products. It  may be stacked with a non-stimulant pre workout, such as Vasogorge, for added pumps and  nitric oxide support.*

When Should I Take Ape Sh*t Alpha?

Consume a serving of Ape Sh*t Alpha 15-20 minutes before training.

Why Do I Get Tingles When Using Ape Sh*t Alpha?

The “tingling” sensation (paresthesia) is a by-product of supplementing with beta alanine. It is  completely normal for this to occur and there is no evidence that paraesthesia is harmful in any  way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Johnny Potter

Long time fan of pro supps “Hyde” but this ApeSh*r Alpha was a step above them!!! Great product guys!!!

Robert Xavier
Best Product I've Used for Years

I'm a natural gym rat that has been working out consistently since I'm 14. I am now 38. Over the years I have competed in multiple body building competitions as well, and am on my way back to the stage this year again. It would not be possible without the Ape Sh*t Cutz pre-workout...... I absolutely love this product, have been purchasing it for at least the past 3 years, changing up the flavors as I go thru one bottle to the next. The Cherry Lemonade and the Smashberry are delicious, and if I time them right, the pre-workout tingles hit at just the right moment, and I'm unstoppable, even at my age. I've made many friends in the gym and always highly recommend them to this product. Recently, they made some changes to their shipping department, and my last order came in perfect timing. Also, Jordan, their customer service rep, is super friendly and extremely helpful. Great product, great company, and quality will always sell itself!
Thank you Primeval Labs!

Luis Matos
Great stuff

Took some 30 minutes before working out starting feeling it in about 15 minutes gave me good energy

Ernie Orozco
Awesome !

Awesome pump and stim!

Raymond Eppich
Good product

Good effects